Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The flu turned my hair red!

so today I was sick at home alone because I've got the flu and was bored so I colored my hair (as you do) haha I was so surprised at how the color turned out because it says Spicy cinnamon and the brand is napro, it looked more brown to me on the packet but its my dream red hair! I think it turned out l ike this because of how I bleached it a month or two ago. so excuse my unmade up, pasty white face (thanks flu) and enjoy the bright vividness of red I also cut layers into my hair thanks to tutorials on youtube! I did miss a couple of spots so some areas do look lighter or a tad blonde but I don't think it shows for the most part so I'm happy! been after this kind of red for yonks. Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Guinea pig breeding babies

Hi all here's my update on the baby guinea pigs! So from a sheeba mini yak tri colored female and a male gold colored rex this was the outcome! They went to their lovely homes yesterday which was sad but I'm glad they'll have happy families to love them. I'm hoping my girl Smokey is confirmed pregnant, in a few weeks I'll know for certain. Happy Wednesday

Monday, April 22, 2013

Needle felted miniature dog

Latest little doggie! having fun with making these little dogs. Approx two inches tall. Had to look after my birds today its cold and wet, had to move Purplecrown Lorikeets and have them inside as its too cold for them poor things, they are a small lorikeet breed. Happy Monday

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Miniature corgi needle felted and needle felted cat waldorf

This is a miniature needle felted corgi, I made for a friend who purchased one on etsy, she's a lovely lady and wanted one for her doll. This is a little kitty I made to look similar to my baby Krissy who is a female tuxedo cat! I can make custom kittens! please let me know, available in my etsy shop. Other than that I've been looking after the furbabies, stressing with school as I had my first English exam, I believe I did ok. The baby budgies the five we had at home have gone to new homes. Soon the guinea pig babies will be in their new home but I'll do an update on them before that. hugs and happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

needle felted rabbit doll and miniature dollhouse dog

Hi all! its a wet rainy day here in Australia today. We do need the rain. I've been making a couple of things, the first rabbit is made by my friend in my feltie group by Mari, we had a swap and this is what she sent me. next is a rabbit I'm sending her! he's five way thread jointed and can be posed gently. he's available in my etsy shop as a custom animal doll listing! next is a miniature dog I made, not sure of his breed lol but he is cute he's also available in my etsy shop and I can do custom little dogs as well! so I'm sending my swap bunny today, hopefully he'll arrive safely in America. I love doing swaps if anyone is interested do let me know! Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

miniature doll house dog and guinea pig family

Well my poor girl cat Krissy has hurt her leg, she's recovering but unable to put any weight on it currently. She's resting in the cat run. Hopefully she will improve in the next couple of days. I was able to make a little miniature scruffy dog I named Rufus last night whilst watching My kitchen Rules, available in my etsy shop! I can create custom little doggies as well. Here's an update on the guinea pig family! their growing well and seem happy and healthy already are full of personality and so friendly hugs to all