Thursday, April 26, 2012

needle felted long haired Chihuahua

my good friend Alice on Etsy her shop is makingstuffwithlove showed me how to do long haired needle felted dogs this is Peaches my first proper try at long haired dogs and I love it. I'm going to have to play with other fibre however as merino is really to soft to trim. long haired Chihuahua
I cannot wait to decide on another long haired doggie to make, any suggestions? Happy Friday

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

needle felted sci fi alien

Hi all here is a cute little alien I've named Sparky the breed is called Skuttlebutts cause they look like they skuttle about the place
Hope to share more soon Happy Thursday

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

miniature brown bear needle felted

Hello all Happy Wednesday its been horrid weather the last two days full on rain and cold and wet. Ick. Anyways meet Bell a little five way thread jointed bear with a crocheted dress she is rather sweet
Hope you all like her shes available in my etsy shop and she's approx three inches tall so a mini bear. Lovely merino wool roving too I also used recycled wool yarn for her dress.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

needle felted cute

Hi all well I did promise some new creations and here they are Envy the needlefelted miniature bear, Egg chick with bow and button, buttn one of the ones from Rae, and doggie. All available on Etsy. Weather has been lovely and have been busy clearing out junk we dont need. Im hoping when I've cleaned out the bedroom I can convince other half to buy a new mattress!
Happy Tuesday

Friday, April 13, 2012

needle felted bear

Hi all just wanted to post some pics I took today of Blossom a cute five way thread jointed teddybear. Needlefelted and her pinafore is sewn with grey yarn. Cute as a button, in my Etsy shop now. She isn't actually new however just retook her photos with the new camera. New items coming soon.

I was able to send Rae's gift on Tuesday so she should be getting it when it sails the high seas.

Happy Friday

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

crocheted cell phone pouch

Hello all Happy belated Easter I've been away due to bronchitis and generally feeling unwell. But am finally getting on track. Here is my newest creation something not needlefelted but still cute.

I crocheted these cell phone pouches as my other half and I brought cell phones recently and as such needed something to protect them as they are both touch screens.

made from recycled acrylic yarns for easy care Im listing his and hers cell phone pouches on Etsy that I'll create just for you! under $14 USD I think its very reasonable and you get two custom made pouches.

check em out
Happy Tuesday

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a little rae of sunshine...

My swap partner sent me her gifts and I recieved them yesterday which
was lovely as I woke up yesterday with a horrible headcold and today Im still
feeling terrible but the chocolate which Rae put in has given me a lovely
sugar high haha.

I feel very spoilt she made me a lovely felted flower brooch in teal and orange my
faovrite colors. A super facewash that's been appliqued with a litte orange
chick and matching orange hangtag.

An adorable journal decorated for Easter.
Chocolate of course which has now been scoffed,
and there was actually even a packet of Fox's biscuits which were
devine I shared with my other half and his brother. I also gave one
of the cream eggs to my other halfs mum so I'm not a total greedy
piglet tee hee.

Rae knows I have a black cat and included a little memo pad with black cat
on it. There is also a fox ring which I have to take a better close up pic and will
tomorrow after some rest as Im feeling all blagh now after moving.

So a huge thanks to Rae I do have to say Im sorry to her as my package to her wont get to her before Easter but better late than never??

I'm a guest blogger

Hi all I'm a member of the etsy team Pets Jubilee a very friendly group who pawmote (promote) one another as long as you make and sell things created for pets or pet lovers is my blog post I'm a guest blogger and will be doing posts on Wednesdays hope you check my first one out as you can meet Bert my rosie breasted cockatoo (Galah)