Saturday, April 30, 2011

sheep with blue bird needle felted plush style pincushion

This is a waldorf styled sheep with his blue bird friend sitting happily on her sheepies head. I made the grass using kid mohair which has been hand dyed, the sheep also uses natural sheeps locks which I washed and cleaned myself. Can be used as a pin cushion as the lanolin will help keep pins to stay sharp and rust free. Otherwise it would make a cute addition to any needle felters collection. I think it would go nicely on someones nature table or in a childs room even. It is available in my etsy shop.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

felted ooak parrot pin Rainbow Lorikeet

Some of you know I love and keep parrots well this is a breed I don't actually keep but a girlfriend does. It's a Rainbow Lorikeet. I think they are very pretty. I'm rather happy with how this pin has come together. Felted firmly and then attatched with glue and wool. I am going to make more in different bird breeds, there isn't enough bird accessories out there lol. I also posted off my polar bear that I created yesterday so hopefully in the next couple of days it'll be with its new owner. That was my first sale on ebay. This pin is about 3cm long.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Charming Frog Prince plush toy needle felted

This is my latest and one of my bigger creations! meet the Frog prince, straight out of the story book haha. I love how he's turned out and I'm not even a frog person, let alone a green person, well let me say that again a person who doesn't like green so much, you know I'm not an actual green person!!

anyways he is large as I said, when laid out he's about 10 inches long and when sitting he's about 6 inches long. His legs are jointed just from needle felting in a way that I've learned. His body is firmly felted. I've used core wool and merino roving to create this charming Frog Prince.

Sugarpink baby plush elephant toy needle felted ooak

Spun sugar and Elephants? that's kinda what I think when I see this little baby elephant in baby pink which I've just listed on my etsy account. I've had a great weekend this weekend. I had my first Ebay sale on Friday so have to wait to post it off on Wednesday as its public holidays until then. But this little gal is very cute I must say. Little Sugar sweet the Elephant done in merino wool roving and she only is very small standing around one inchish. Inchish is now my new word haha

Friday, April 22, 2011

Messy cake and happy easter all

I made cake yesterday lol well tried to, its a long running joke in my family that I can't bake. I can;'t even make jelly >> I've tried, been shown many times but still the jelly will never set right and jelly there isn't any cooking involved! anyways this cake actually did taste really nice but I burnt it a little haha but either way its not a very nice looking cake but I think it works out that way things tend to taste better when its ugly looking.

enjoy the messy cake photos

I didn't even follow anything to make this cake haha
just plonked in
butter two eggs
icing sugar
chocolate drinking powder
stirred, plonked in tray

and cooked until ready or burnt as the case was!

its a really rich cake but so yummy, I just sliced the burnt bits off and even the boys enjoyed it, the boys being my other half and his brother and they are usually afraid of eating my experiments.

Happy Easter everyone

Thursday, April 21, 2011

gift giving time to mothers

I went to a Fete today and bought a couple of things, perfect for Mothers day which is next month I thought for this little dolly someone had lovingly made. I paid $1 for her can you believe it? all that time and effort put into making her. This is going to be given to my other halfs mother.

This next one is cute hand decorated eggies in a basket, I picked up some solid fragrance that I knew she liked awhile back when we went shopping together last. This is going to be given to the same lady for Easter ^^ I get along so well with my other halfs mother. Better than my own mother sometimes.

The eggies and basket cost me $2,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Rabbit needle felted dolls ooak

hi all I had another fun night at the Brown owls craft group which was really good, pouring with rain outside to awesome to get together with some gals and craft away, I'm working on a secret project which I'll show you in a couple of weeks. So I spent a couple of hours with the ladies drinking coffee and eating Easter eggs and chocolate biscuits, my diet went straight out of the window but I blame Kaz as she made me eat the eggs lol.

Kaz is teaching me a couple of things regarding the secret project so I'm very excited to be learning a new craft. We've been sorting out our aviaries more on the home front. Recently brought a pair of Jenday conures so they are settling in at the moment but are in quarrantine.

We'll take them to see Collin the bird vet probably some time next week just for a health check up. We always do that with new birds.

I've been inspired to try crochet again by my friend Anna, I met her in the Brown owls Craft group and I have just read her wonderful blog, its so cheery and nice. I'll try to edit her link in here later.

anyways these are some mini's I've done in time for Easter

Candy Fairyfloss girl wet felted and needle felted ornament

This next one is an Easter bunny!
needle felted and cute as a button

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

plush parrot ooak hand made needle felted bird

Some of you may know my other half and I keep birds, our aviaries are called QuailQuail aviaries. We keep a variety of Quail, doves, and parrots. My latest addition to the ever growing family is a 6yo breeding pair of Jenday conures. I think they are truly a magic bird because of their temperment which is normally excellent as pets and their color. Our pair are of course breeders so aren't pets but the male is very quiet.

But I was inspired to create my latest needle felted bird out of these guys. I did my first polymer clay beak as well and I think it turned out great. He's a character bird but I still think I got him right. These two last photos have the real life birds behind the needle felted one. We're still in the process of naming this pair. We want original but funny names for them as they are known to be clowns. Their bright colors always make me smile. Currently they are inside in holding cages for quarrantine purposes before they go out into their proper aviary.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

needle felted lamb

I've been inspired by Japanese cuteness lately and this is my little needle felted lamb. She's only about an inch big. She wears a wooolie bow and is available in my etsy store. I really love doing tinies but they are so much work! I really love having my mojo back I can tell you. But I'm slowly running out of ideas haha so I've been lurking around for inspiration, I'm sure I'll find more.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

flower pod and star fruit

The first image is of my latest flower pod, she is both wet felted and needle felted. I think she's turned out rather sweet. She's available on my etsy shop.

and I've been trying new things! I ate my first star fruit today lol and I have to say I rather liked it. I put some sliced bits into some lemon barley cordial which was rather yummy.

Here is me looking dubious about trying it for the first time.

It's now one of my favorite fruits, its rather tart but in a sweet way its hard to describe other than its very refreshing.

plush toy fox needle felted handmade ooak

Hi again gosh its been a busy week full of creating this is Foxie Boy he's available on my esty store. Isn't he cute? I rather love fox's at the moment but who doesn't haha. He has wire in his arms so they can move and pose. He's about five inches tall and firmly felted using merino wool roving.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Brown owls craft group poster

How cool is this? Karen the host of our Brown owls craft group made this poster for next weeks meeting. It's a bunch of crafty women who get to gether most Wednesday evening, I went for the first time last Wednesday and it was a bunch of fun. My needle felted animals are in this poster, as well as Anna's owls and little baby. Little baby is real of course haha she's only 7 weeks old.

Needle felted whimsy bubble gum tree

I felt like a bit of whimsy tonight as I made this bubble gum fairy tree, this one is blueberry flavored. It has white dots around it indicating flowers, three balls indicating the tree. It stands at about four inches tall, the green base is also wool roving and it can stand on its own. Lovely little idea I think, whimsy is such fun! going to create more "flavors" of these bubblegum trees! it is available on my etsy shop.