Wednesday, December 26, 2012

needle felting kit needle felted mouse

I'm just so excited! I'm offering my first ever needle felting kit available in my etsy shop! a needle felted white mouse is what you'll create, a two inch mouse in size at that. Kit will come with all the wool roving you'll need plus instructional sheet. It will be very detailed, its great for intermediate but help can be on hand for those who are beginners but want to broaden their horizons. Help is available through email for anyone who gets stuck. This is my first kit, hopefully will create more wonderful kits for sale! also finished mouse is available in my etsy shop. Miniatures are adorable aren't they? happy Wednesday

Thursday, December 20, 2012

secret santa swap gift fun

I've been a member of the yahoo felting fun group for a couple of years now and its a lovely supportive group full of friendship, fun and of course needle felting. I always try and join in any swaps I can because the array of talent is amazing. Look at what lovely Cheryl sent me! a bunny rabbit who's smiling from ear to ear!
not only that but some lovely alpacca wool roving! some handmade glycerine soap, a handmade santa magnet I forgot to take a pic of as its living on my fridge already. Chocolate truffles, and popcorn that I've never seen before peanut butter and chocolate flavored.
I feel very lucky
Thank you so much Cheryl! I really love it all Merry Christmas

9" doll and bear needle felted

Hi all well yesterday whilst out checking the opshops (charity shops) I came across this gorgous girl! she is nameless at the moment but oh so cute, I'm smitten with her and want to find more of them.
I made this bear awhile ago and its the perfect size for 9" dolls, the bears name is Candy. Available in my etsy shop. I'm off to do last minute Christmas shopping and sending out some last minute cards today. Hugs on this Friday Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

needle felted bear

Latest needle felted bear approx five inches tall made for my other halfs mum to give to a friend but am doing custom orders! five way thread jointed, always ooak.
Happy Wednesday night!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bears, needle felting and more oh my

Been quite the busy week Monday started off with sadness as I had a funeral to attend to but it was lovely catching up with relatives at the wake. I have been busy on the home front looking after my fur and feathered kids and also creating. Been making little bears for family and friends.
available in my etsy shop as a custom order! these are approx three or two inches tall depending how big I make them, you can order pretty much any color pattern I have a lot of wool! This next one I made yesterday we had a home day recovering I find after a big day out I'm tired, drained and achey, so spent the day looking after the animals and creating. This bunny was a whimsical and fun thing to make.
Also finished off the custom order I had on etsy from a lovely lady, who wanted me to create Falkor from the never ending story! I thought what an exciting custom order to make and told her so.
I also have a new facebook page! finally caught up with the times realized a lot of felters are doing it so dived in is my new page please like and share would be appreciated. Happy Wednesday

Thursday, December 13, 2012

new pigs on the block

Look mum I'm being cute eating my fave veg carrot! This is Tara our pineapple green cheek conure whom we hand raised, she is just over a year now.
These two lovely girls are our newest members of our family! today went to the pet shop under the guise of looking at pet accessories (other half should really know better by now then to let me browse a pet shop at all! lol) and I found out that the short haired crested piggie was abandoned at the shop in a cardboard box on the 35degree c day last week! I was shocked how could anyone do that on such a hot day let alone abandoning an animal at all? our first thoughts were they were going on holidays as that's what people seem to do this time of year. (Abandoning animals before going on holidays at Christmas I mean not just abandoning them) with rant over I talked to the girl about the pigs and decided to take her home. She is possibly pregnant so that will be exciting.
This big gal is named Hippie, short for Hippo I like calling her the fat Hippie haha and the long haired piggie is called Buntie! she's a shebayak cross and is lovely
I was originally only getting the big gal Hippie but fell in love with the long coat plus I got a discount from the shop because she wanted them to go to a good home. So this is my Christmas present to myself, other half said no more pigs for now we have enough haha Happy Friday

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

needle felted miniature bear SugarPlum

A little needle felted bear I made as a gift for a friend of ours, she loves purple and I wanted to make a girlie bear for her as she's a bit of a girlie lady. I've named her SugarPlum. Available in my etsy shop as a custom listing!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

needle felted miniatures and guinea pig fun

last week we showed Dingo at the Cavvy council of Victoria, he came seventh or last lol but I'm still so proud of him he didn't pee on the judge or bite him lol this is him the night before as I had to bath him, he did really well wasn't too impressed but didn't struggle or bite lol here is my latest little creation a little bear needle felted in a lovely mango color, available in my etsy shop.
Hope you're all well! Happy Sunday

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

needle felted bird Evergreen

wow two posts in one day! I made this little birdie called Evergreen whilst waiting for my other half in his last dentist appointment, he was very brave getting his root canal done. Here is Evermore, soon to be available in my etsy shop I can create custom little birdies, these would make sweet Christmas ornaments too hanging on a tree or perched somewhere cute.
will be looking after the male critter tonight he's feeling groggy and a bit ill from the dentist injections. Possibly from the heat too. Baby budgie and mum are both doing good in the heat thank goodness tomorrow will be cooler! haven't seen Wildy at all today he's probably keeping cool somewhere. Happy Thursday

baby budgies and plumhead parrots

This little squirt of a bird is a not even a day old Budgie! he hatched on day 18 and I checked on them 7am this morning and its now just after 9am so he's only a few hours old. Will have to look after them today as its going to be really warm!! 38degrees c. These lovely parrots are our new plum head parrots, I can't wait for them to breed, I want to hand rear the young, they make awesome pets!
the one on the left is the male and the plainer one is the hen off to have an ecg and cholesterol test and my other half has his last dentist appointment today Happy Thursday

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pineapple green cheek conure cute pets

we're having a mini heatwave here in Australia tomorrow is reaching 38 degrees c not going to be enjoying it, I'm a winter person. Today looked after the birds and animals as its so warm, tomorrow will be the same. Took a photo of Tara our Pineapple green cheek conure whom we handraised from three weeks of age as her parents rejected her. She's just over one year old now, she still walks around like she's drunk as she has a neurological disorder. It supposedly gets better as they get older. But she enjoyed her bath and she's the sweetest little bird ever who loves talking to me and loves snuggles.
Tonight I'll be whipping up a needle felted bear for my other halfs dentist as they've been lovely looking after him with his treatment and were asking about my craft as I brought it in each appointment. So I'll be making the clinic a little Christmas gift. Happy Tuesday

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Bear ornaments needle felted

These are some little Christmas bears I have made recently, a pair of miniature bears.
and a little Winter themed bear in Icy colors
getting ready for Christmas obviously haha not long now really. Happy Tuesday

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

needle felted teddybear

a little bear I made for a friend we're visiting in hospital, Ivan is named after our friend. I can create custom teddy bears. Also a little custom order I had on etsy an aardvark crossed between a fox
Still five budgie eggs so we think that will be the number, and two conure eggs this morning. Hugs

Sunday, November 18, 2012

baby guinea pig

Meet Smokey she's a two week old baby guinea pig we adopted today when old enough will go with our lovely male Dingo.
she's very snuggly and has the cutest grey shading over her back will take pics after she's settled in. Met a really nice bloke today as we brought a pair of bush budgies from him. He keeps antelope!! I was shocked you have to have a zoo liscense for those animals, so cool though will take pics next week as we're picking up a hen galah for our Bert so exciting. Happy Sunday
feeding time found out she had been taken too soon from mum
another pic to show off her unusual markings and colorings

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New family member Dingo the guinea pig

After the heartbreak of this year and last year losing our bunnies and guinea pigs we've found a lovely male piggie, he was free to good home in a pet shop because he fights with other piggies. He's a lovely boy approx six months old, I just love his color and he has a war wound as he has a chewed ear. We have named him Dingo.
isn't he a lovely oolor? we think he's a rex cross self beige but unsure will have to look it up, I'm after a lovely girlfriend for him now (wish I'd cleaned out the snail shell before taking that photo haha) will add some grass for him so he's more comfortable. Budgie egg update there are now four eggs! Happy Friday