Thursday, March 31, 2011

my date at the Wildlife Sanctuary

my other half surprised me by taking me to the local wildlife sanctuary today and it was such a nice day we took some happy snaps of some of the animals that we saw, these are my other halfs pics, I think he's rather talented at taking pics! he has more of an eye for it then what I do.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Old man Autumn and sitting pretty kitty both needle felted

These two are my latest Old man Autumn I created yesterday... I think he looks rather grand in his Autumn colored cloak though some people have said to me he looks rather like Santa but there is oranges mixed in the reds of his wool.

He's what I call a cone shaped person as his shape is all in one starting from a cone shape. Or a semi squished egg shape haha.

This is a little kitty I recycled a tin lid saved from a coffee tin to use as a base, I think it turned out rather well. He looks a little worried as kitties tend to
do sometimes I think lol.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting ready for Easter

Easter is just around the corner so I'm stocking up on little Eastery things in my Etsy shop. These two are the latestm, bird creations.

This is a little felted pin cushion, she actually has a bottle cap base in her nest so she sits better but you'd never tell by looking at her.

This is a fat little egg style chickadee I created simple in style but still really

Friday, March 25, 2011

cute needle felted monkey plush toy

This character is Moko the happy monkey he started out as a bear, I was using instructions from Barbara Allens book making Beautiful bears. I love that book but annyways this critter came out of it lol he's a cheeky monkey. He's about six to seven inches tall and can be gently posed.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easter is coming new duck

I'm really annoyed with how these photos turned out yes they are better but still not great. I can't get a clear crisp photo gah I need a tri pod or some such. But this is Ducks he's ready for Easter. I wanted him to stand but he wanted to sit lol he's much cuter in real life but eh. He's also a bigger project than what I normally do as well. From his feet to his head he's about 9 inches tall. He has a firm needle felted core and a fluffy appearance.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Old projects come new felted dog and art

Hi everyone these are my latest projects needle felted playing/laying pooch and balla nd needle felted hanging art.

I created the hanging art one awhile ago but only recently finished it by sewing around the edge in a simple running stitch and attaching the crochet handle on the top, I think it looks effective.

The dog was actually also done awhile ago but finished today because I didn't like him standing up but realized he suited laying down. They are both listed on my etsy shop

Monday, March 21, 2011

entering a fun blog contest

omg omg omg I love blog give aways and what's more I love entering blog give aways!! they are always so much fun and I get to see some amazing stuff just by stumbling across these gems. The crafting community is so so generous here on the net, who would have thought? but its true! I believe its great because it brings us just all that one step closer to one another in the world wide scheme of things anyways here is the link to check out the blog contest I'm entering.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

needle felted magical house plus a new project

Today has been a fun day of bargain hunting, I love op shopping, you guys may call them thrift shops but here in Australia we call them op-shops so its op-shopping! or as I love to call it treasure hunting as you never know what you might find. First off is this great little embroidery kit someone put together, its such a bargain, comes with quilting material, cotten, different thread, ric rack, sewing needles, the bigger piece of pink felt, embroidery motifs, plastic pearl beads and buttons and charms and all or $2! so of course I had to have it

Bargain two was a cute little dresser type ring holder

I really loved it because I thought it'd be a cute way of photographing my felties with a unique setting. I paid a whopping $4 for this. Am rather pleased with myself.

I also bought a large cardboard hat box with a nice floral design that I forgot to take a photo of but its now storing what I cool my pried wool roving, the wool roving that I think is better than the rest. I'm going to look out for more of these hat boxes that's for sure! I padi $2 for it brand new they can be upwards of $15

Now what's a post without one of my felties I've been playing around with more whimsy ideas and came across doing a shoe house!

This is the new project I'm hoping to get started on when this wool has dried I used Jenny Romano's guide on dying wool for a flesh tone as I haven't got enough for said project I think its turned out ok, a tad darker than what I wanted but not bad.

is what I started out with I took 100grams of it and simmered 4 black tea bags, added a pinch of red jelly crystal powder as I didn't have red cordial powder and figured it'd add the same hue needed.

20 minutes later a well drain on the draining board and hey presto

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

creepy cute pompom needle felted bunny

my latest pompom cute creepy bunny needle felted

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fox and Fairy wand

These are my two latest projects Resting Fox and Mouse Fairy wand! I'm excited by these and am happy with the photography as I think I'm finally getting better at taking shots.

The fox is only about two inches long, and is curled up and is meant to be an ornament you can touch, I've used a mixture of fibers.

The wand is made with a needle felted mouse head and a decorated wooden skewer, I used art silk peach colored raffia and a cute little cardboard flower button that is also handmade and then tied it all together with a bow and some sheeps locks.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

needle felted sky gray koala

Sky Gray Koala only comes out when its raining, he is the same slate charcoal gray of dark storm clouds. He lives amongst the suburban jungle and only sits around when there are cool rain drop to play in. He sleeps amongst dry hay and is a unique little fellow.

he's available in my etsy shop now