About me

I am 26 years old, addicted to anything woolly and fibertastic *grinsP* I am a "mother" to four rabbits, two guinea pigs, two Quaker parrots and one Galah (rosie breasted cocatoo) I also love writing, reading, music, and am also learning how to sew.

I live in Australia, and am always thinking of felting when I'm not felting I'm that obsessive about it! other than that I'm a desperate housewife in training meaning I'm somewhat challenged by housework and other organizational duties of a housewife lol I hope to bring original creations needle felted by me. I love using wool roving, and creating cute critters with funny expressions. I love cute more than realism though am striving towards both.

I first stumbled upon needle felting at the end of 2009 so I haven't really been felting for long, I felt nearly every day if the mood strikes me so my advice to any beginners is time and practice makes perfect. Even though to me I don't believe in the word perfect.

I have an online social life more than a real life social life as I am a bit of a geek and love avatar communities. I own and run www.myrufflesrpgworld.com and am a member of more than a few communities. Hence where my username WhingingNinja came about.

I love hearing from anyone regarding my work or needle felting so don't be afraid to contact me.