Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Needle felted bunnies

I've been inspired by Easter and Valentines day here I'm not usually a romantic I get into the spirit of things thats all.

This is Timmy the needle felted three inch love bun for Valentines day he wears a blue tshirt with teal heart.

This is Easteregg chick bun a mini and so sweet

Happy Wednesday

Sunday, January 29, 2012

needle felted labrador dog ooak

What a weird start of the week weather wise, humid and sticky, pouring with rain. We had a heatwave for the last three days. Now its very steamy, but good weather to stay indoors with air con on and needle felt the time away like with what I've done with Lucky the labrador pup here.

He's so friendly looking, even my other half said he looks like a dog for once my first couple of goes didn't turn out that great as I hadn't made a dog in ages.

But tomorrow I'll be picking up some dolls I've bought off ebay and will be making miniatures and clothing for them so that will be fun.

Happy Monday

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fibre addiction GreenwoodFibreworks

Picture is owned and taken by GreenwoodFibreworks.

Can anyone say fibre addict? haha that is infact me I love looking at pretty colorways and beautifully photographed wool rovings I find myself looking at them when I'm feeling down and uninspired and it cheers me up very nicely. I don't know what it is about fibre like that but I love it. I've been eyeing off these sample boxes for awhile too from GreenwoodFiberworks on Etsy.

paper roses

These are some colorways I've suggested as in her listing she said she can accomodate but the rest will be a surprise. Even though I already have bag fulls of wool rovings I'm sucked into the colors, textures and can only imagine how'd they feel in real life. When I feel that way about wool looking online I purchase said wool as I did here.

For $25 USD plus postage I find this great value.
Lots of Colors to play with.

Happy Sunday.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sweetie needle felted Valentines day Elephant

I'm so excited about this latest design. A needle felted elephant I've named Sweetie, perfect for Valentines day which is literally just around the corner. You can bet I'm making more of these in other colors.

I'm really happy with how these pics came out too, its been a super hot day today and I waited until it was a bit cloudy to take these. Sweetie is so cute. Can't wait to see how many multiply.

I'm entering it into the craftsy Valentines Project cupid contest we'll see how she goes.

Happy Saturday

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Update on Wildy

Took these pics of Wildy as we'd spent some time together in the garden, he's been kept in the cat run which he isn't too pleased about but his wound is still healing. Probably another week and a bit to go I think. He's not keen on the collar.

He protests so much when being taken back to the cat run, I don't blame him but he's still his lovey dovey self with me when I'm giving him cuddles.

Lovely needle felted cat

I made this last night I know its not a black cat but she's still cute I just adore the color of her eyes.

She was rather hard to get decent photos of hope these do well. Today I'm looking after animals and birds and house things plus running some errands I believe. Going to the post office is one of my favorite things to do even if I know what I'm picking up haha.

Not feeling as lazy as yesterday but better get cracking
Happy Thursday and for those that celebrate it Happy Australia day

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Needle felted penguin

here is my latest I've whipped up a needle felted pocket penguin and its crocheted snuggle home. I think its rather sweet.

Feeling lazy today still in my jammies and its nearly lunch lol better get cracking on some house work and feeding the animals and birds. More of these snuggle pocket pals are sure to come.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Good dog needle felted

This is my latest I've titled him Good dog he is not breed specific but fun, lovely
chocolte brown color. I used international wool roving from a lady in Germany I bought it off ebay. Felts well. Today I'm hoping to start another one a black cat so looking forward to that.

Other news... not much really looking after the birds and animals, Wildy is healing finally but slowly he's in the cat run so is not too pleased and with a collar around to stop him scratching. He had a shot of antibiotics and cortizon unsure how you spell that. So he's not lilking the vets much now.

I'm hoping to get things ready for some new crafty endevours I want to make some plushies and start embroidering properly. Am looking into what I want to make.

Happy Sunday

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today I'm wanting to raise some awareness about depression. I suffer depression and have done for several years now and have only got to where I am with my support network of doctors, family and my other half. Not only that but my craft hobbies and animals.

I had a disturbing phone call from a friend of ours this morning, he'd been drinking and was quite broken hearted about being fired from a new job. He's been ill for quite some time with an undiagnosed illness. But work kept him going and he's never been fired in his life before.

I'd like to see more people being tolerant and understanding to those suffering depression. I think we can help others just by being there for people we love and by being a good friend. My other half and I are visiting this person with pizza and will hopefully make him feel a bit more normal and cheered up as we talk about birds, life and whatever.

I think we're forgetting that others are out there, we're more in it for ourselves, and communication has gone downhill. I think technology has played a part in this such as the internet and mobile phones. If we feel disjointed from the world I believe this could be one reason.

I think we should try to outreach to someone we don't normally talk to, I've been giving friendly waves to an eldery neighbor and she looked a cranky old thing for a couple of days and I saw the first glimmer of a smile yesterday.

This guy is one of the smartest guys I know, he's always loved animals worked in the pet and zoo industry for years.

So remember if you think someone is even the tiniest bit down just give them a call to brighten up their day. Even if its not life changing there will have been some difference made by you

needle felted polar bear

This is my latest a needle felted five way jointed bear, his name is Snowy and he's a polar bear. I showed him to my other halfs mother and she loved him so he's now living at her place but I'm offering custom orders on Snowy at my etsy shop. Today has been a good day catching up with other halfs mother, looking after animals and birds and I even managed a half hour walk this evening.

I took these photos in my other half's parents garden, I think their garden is prettier than ours. One day when our aviaries are finished I plan on having bushes and pretty flowers. Happy Wednesday

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wildy in the wars

Poor Wildy is in the wars, with himself mind you. He has an allergy to either possibly fleas or something he eats. We're unsure. But tonight we had to intervene I applied bettadine antiseptic spray onto the wound, and then the elastaplast mind you it was off within five minutes. That's not the wound weeping its the antiseptic solution.

as you can see poor Wildy is not impressed and is curled up im his cat chair, that's the tattered old chair stuck in the corner.

Tomorrow we're going to the vets to get him fitted for a collar that will be interesting. He's not impressed with his mummy at the moment that's for sure!I'm in his bad books.

I'll give his wound another spray with the antiseptic and we'll see what the vet says of course animals always do what they shouldn't like scratch at things until they are ten times worse! my heart goes out to the little bugger because he's bonded with me so and at the moment he's not even talking to me. I'll have to get a treat for him after the vets.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

miniature doll house dog needle felted

Hello all Happy Monday this is my latest a cute little miniature needle felted fluffy white pooch named Princess.

I crocheted her a little blanket of her own and she wears an adorable purple bow and collar both needle felted. I love her tongue poking out. She's availble in my etsy shop.

Today is meant to be very hot today but its not stopping me having some time at the shops buying some wool as I want rainbow colors for a project.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Owl Herbert Valentines day needle felted

Meet Herbert the owl he's my latest needle felted character and I lurve him!!
he's about six inches solid wool roving, soft sculptured. He's available in my Etsy shop now, great for Valentines day.

Happy Friday

Monday, January 9, 2012

needle felted bird soft sculptured ooak

My latest is a needle felted crow/raven I love these birds so much I find them so majestic. I needle felted him out of wool roving and black brown alpaca locks. So soft and adds great detail. He's all wool, no wire.

And here is our latest addition to our family, Roger the budgie he's sky blue in color, mimics but doesn't talk.

Today I'm having some much needed me time and going op shopping and possibly craft supplies shopping which will be fun, and along with grocery shopping we all have to eat haha

Happy Tuesday

miniature bear needle felted ooak

This little girl is called coco, my other half named her. She's a miniature needle felted bear, just under two inches. I rather love the pink color. She's especially made for Valentines day.

Today my other half and his brother went television shopping I never knew it would be so complicated but I should have guessed shopping with two males. It took two and a half hours. We finally bought one we think his parents will be happy with haha.

how was your Monday?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

needle felted owl

My latest is Henry the needle felted hooty owl pal, he's rather colorful, I don't usually use purple. But I rather like these shades. His oranges pops. About two inches tall. He sits lovely in the palm of your hand. He's availble on Etsy. I'm starting to think of things for Valentines day as its the next event coming up I believe.

Today we had an adventure and adopted a budgie named Rodger I think its such a funny name for a budgie. He's a pet, he doesn't talk but he mimics sounds really well. He's sky blue in color. We have him in an aviary with a couple of other birds settling in I'll take some piccies tomorrow. We also adopted another cockateil to add to the mix, he's not a pet but an actual aviary bred bird. Lovely lutino in color.

It seems my other half has a soft spot for cockatiels. We now have 9 I believe. Tomorrow I'm off to the doctors, stupid womens issues again had terrible pain last night hardly slept. On the plus side I'm at the shops will go to the op shops and craft stores.

Hope all had a good weekend.

Friday, January 6, 2012

needle felted mouse ooak art doll

I have created this Lady mouse I rather like doing these character dolls, needle felted and thread jointed. I made her skirt in simple crochet, and her scarf some left over yarn. I have just called her Lady Mouse.

I hope to do more characters in this style. I love the cross stitched picture in the background. I bought that at a craft market.

Happy Saturday