Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brighton the needle felted bear

Hi all finally getting around to showing this guy he is called Brighton cause well he is rather bright. I made him from a lovely lot of polwarth wool roving that had been hand dyed. Love his personality.
On Sunday my other half took me mushroom picking we had loads of fun and have been enjoying eating the glut. We cook em up with veggies and meat and will add gravy very tastey. Happy Thursday

Monday, May 28, 2012

needle felted grey kitty

Hello all here's my latest that I created last night I seem to have my creative mojo back for which I am very greatful.
she was meant to have been a dog but other half said she looked more like a cat! so a cat she is. Wool has a funny way of showing itself. Happy Tuesday

needle felted yellow duckling

Hello all on this dreary day how are we? I'm currently drinking Italian almond tea by dilmah and am loving it. I've tried it without milk and sugar and am having it with milk and sugar and love it both ways. Here's my newest things for dolls
the model is my effe doll Cybil I so love that name, and this is a little retro inspired ish needle felted van lol
Happy Monday

Friday, May 25, 2012

needle felted budgie

I've just come in from feeding birds and rabbits glad its not raining like it was yesterday. I've got these two show the first one is new the budgie named after our Rodger budgie.
this is an old doll I made a few months back just took new pics of her
I'm currently making vegetable soup and the house smells yummo I'm also crocheting up a storm for when my two betsy dolls arrive cannot wait, and thats about it for this Saturday

Saturday, May 19, 2012

needle felted orange farm cat

Hello all wanted to show you my latest that I finished last night I think he turned out lovely, I adore his anime styled green eyes and he is really firmly needle felted. Approx four inches or so tall. Lovely orange color.
also this week my friend Alice from makingstuffwithlove is helping me to buy a couple of Betsy Mccall dolls I cannot wait. I already have an outfit on Etsy reserved for one. Will show pics of them as soon as they get home safely. It will be awhile yet I'm assuming what with over seas travel. But I'll be creating clothes and needle felted items for them. So much fun. My other half just rolls his eyes at me, a grown woman my age playing with dolls. Happy Sunday

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The laughing cow

Hi all and happy Wednesday here are my latest two Pink Love bird a fantasy bird I created in lovely sunset and natural inspired colors
and a little cow I call her the laughing cow

Monday, May 14, 2012

Needle felted husky dog sculpture

Hi all and Happy Tuesday showing off my latest a needle felted Husky dog
he is a larger sculpture of mine I love him
and another piccie
and a recent piccie of me for those interested I bleached my own hair
you can see how dark I was before in my profile piccie I'm currently eating veggie soup I made last night its crappy wet weather today so I felt the need for some warming soup. Delish.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cat Calls

My other half is going through a stressy time at the moment so I ordered a custom watercolor painting from CatCalls on etsy. Patty is a really charmingly funny and talented artist. She's captured Wildy and one of my other halfs favorite birds a lutino lovebird. A very affordable price of $10:00 I cannot give praise enough for her lovely work. One day I'll also buy a plushie and maybe a skirt that she makes. Her shop is cat themed for cat lovers.
Find her on Etsy. Cannot wait to get this very cute artwork, whats more its not a print these watercolors are one of a kind. thanks Patty!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

needle felted fae bear Cherry

Hi all been busy here with stuff happening ever so mundane but needed. I am showing Cherry the needle felted fae bear. Three inches tall and five way thread jointed. Available in my etsy shop now. Have to look after poor Wildy again he's been fighting with the neighborhood cats and has scratched his ear again. Hopefully he wont have to wear the cone of doom again. I'll be at the op shop tomorrow and hopefully showing you another finished critter. Happy Sunday