Friday, December 31, 2010

Tudor Kitty and Jasper mouse

Meet Tudor he's a needle felted kitty who is friends with a mouse
little mouse is called Jasper. They are made from a mixture of wools such
as dorset, corriedale and merino.

The kitty is moveable his top limbs are thread jointed but his bottom limbs are needle felted jointed.

Happy new year everyone

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

to a new home

Why am I showing you something that is not felted? lol well its all to do with felting stuff in the end I assure you! this cabinet is being offered on the yahoo freecycle group for free as its no longer needed in our house. It takes up too much room and so it makes more room for felting goodness! I'm going to set up a proper area with a table and chair so I can have things around me. I'll post photos of it when I do that too! lol So bye bye cabinet hello new space. It's amazing what clearing out a corner will do! This cabinet has seen better days, needs to be re glued and varnished but when done up I can guarantee would look stunning. I believe it is vintage. But my mother passed down her hoarding gene to me (yes hoarding I believe can be genetic lol) and so this will be passed on as I am running out of room for anything else! I'm trying to declutter my life. One room at a time. It will happen and then I don't have to feel guilty when I do crafts, needle felting and other things like being on the internet like I am now!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Cherokee indian girl

This is a doll using my sewing skills, wet felting and needle felting so I'm rather happy with how she's turned out. She is a Cherokee Indian girl, she loves to tend to the garden and is at her happiest wondering around in the sunshine. The birds and animals are her friend.

I sewed her body and head using linen, and needle felted her features, hair and
arms and feet. Her clothes are wet felted using natural sheeps fleece that hasn't been carded but washed thoroughly by me.

Friday, December 24, 2010

another Roliana entry lol

This is a needle felted little stocking I made for you guessed it a roliana contest lol this is the last one I'm entering so yay. It's based of a creation of theirs. He's a little character with batwings on his head.

Just wanted to wish everyone a very safe and happy Christmas and a fab new year too

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas girl

This is a needle felted drawing/painting I did for roliana's art contest, she's a girl out on a winters night with snow and snow flakes falling behind her. I'm wanting to finish off the edges somehow I might try and learn some embroidery methods for that. Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Needle felted mermaid

This is a needle felted mermaid, she is posable as she has armature inside of her,
her arms can move as can her torso and tail. She has curly locks for her hair, and vintage lace that holds her hair back. She loves to swim and play with the fish, it always brings a happy smile to her rosy face. She sits at about 5 inches high when in a sitting pose and is about 10 inches long when stretched out. She wears armbarnds that look like sparkly seaweed and her tail and accessories other than the lace are needle felted. I use quality accessories and wool roving to make my creations.

Needle felted Cookie bear

This is a needle felted bear with cookie for the roliana Christmas
ornament contest I'm entering, He is a popular character on Roliana
called Mallow. The cookie is a currency they are using for the Christmas
event. And I has to eat the cookie! lol not really its too low in fat for me!
ha ha he is very small, and is cute with a little pink heart on his chest.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blog contest I'm entering

This is a very cool blog give away I'm entering and am blogging about it lol
I'll also be face booking it too just as soon as I've done this! then I'll go
do my thing to be in the winning haha. I love entering these things just for
fun makes blogging world so much more fun.

Needle felted border collie

This is a needle felted border collie I've created, I just started him on the spurof the moment, I wanted to create a dog but didn't know what breed to do. But I had Laurie Sharps first book and took the instructions from that to make the boarder collie. Mine however has armature in it so he can move. I wet felted the mat for him and its made out of corriedale mixed wool that's the blue color and the gray is shetland wool roving which felts beautifully its one of my favorite wools to work with.

He is made with dorset for the core, merino, kid mohair roving, and alpaca which I think has worked nicely on him. He is actually based on my friends dog too after I worked out what I was going to make. My friends dog is older and has shades of different colors through his fur and white patches on his tail and rump. He is an older dog too.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas dressing up

This is just to show the avatar I have for that website I'm on, you can create little characters of yourself and dress up and what not.

Ice skating penguin!

This snow scene I've done for a website I'm on, their hosting a Christmas Crafts contests similar to the Halloween one I entered and won in! I won a virtual prize to the site so I'm very happy. The theme for Christmas was snow or ice so I made the ice by freezing it and using food color to add to it. I used pollyfiber fill for the snow and needle felted the penguin and the snow bunny.

This is a little story of an ice skating penguin, he wanted to ice skate
so he found a frozen pond. He was tentative at first but he gained confidence
because his friend Snow bunny was watching him. He skated out onto the frozen
pond and looked over at Snow bunny. Snow Bunny wanted to go home soon however
as he could tell a blizzard was brewing. Penguin skated a couple of rounds
around the pond and he was glad that he had been brave enough to do it. Penguin looked
up at the sky and knew it was time to go home. Penguin thanked his friend the Snow bunny and they went home.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas gifts and bunbuns

I've been busy making Christmas prezzies for my family as I wanted a handmade Christmas this year. So this is bunbun, she's for my nan, its the first one where I've sewed the dress by hand. She's made from bfl roving in oatmeal, and she has pipecleaners for armature and is cuter in real life then the photos lol

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Bauble Snowy Salad

This is my very scrummy Christmas Bauble Snowy Salad
its called that because of the crumbled feta on top! lol
we don't have snow where we are in Australia and so I thought
I'd create some snowy themed food. Yes I do think I have an
over imagination sometimes and slightly too much time on my

What you need
Mixed salad greens
Baby rocket leaves
cherry tomatoes
crumbled feta cheese
salt and pepper

Mix up the salad leaves with the rocket leaves,
roughly slice the cherry tomatoes, dice the
capsicum, place the leaves on the plate first,
then sprinkle the tomatoes, capsicum, olives,
and feta, season to taste! its rather easy
and its very scrummy. Pictured in the second photo
is the color from the lettuce that has the pink
stripe, it makes it more Christmassy like tinsel on
the Christmas tree!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Koala Billy grumpy plush bear

This is Grumpy Billy the Koala bear
he sits perfectly by himself and is needle felted
using alpaca blend wool roving an dnd merino wool
roving for his accents. Billy sits at about inches
tall so he's a real mini. He is firmy needle felted
by me. He loves to be held and petted, but he is grumpy
beceause he can't find the leaves that he enjoys so much.
So he has to do with other types of leaves for his dinner.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Needle felting pleasure galore!

I was involved with a swap in the fun to felt group
I'm in, we did a Christmas swap and my gift from the lovely
Gail Burton arrived today. I love meerkats! I swooned when
I opened the package. And the penguin is just so lovely
I squaled lol. The wool is also a lovely touch and the
card is so sweet! as you can tell I'm somewhat gushing as
I've been a fan of Gail's for awhile now.

I also got my belated birthday gift from my fiancee ^_^ I didn't know what to get lol I'm terrible at choosing things. But I was browsing on etsy and lo and behold this fox doll came up by LulusApple. She needle felted it and hand sewn the outfit, she also put in the little pair of elf shoes ornament as a gift.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Our furbabies and a felted Christmas stocking

We have a few new additions to our family ^_^ I have a family of ever growing furbabies and I love them all. This latest is a guinea pig, her name is oinkey and she is very beuatiful and very fat. We put her with our other two female guinea pigs, and she's loving it. Her friend passed away a few months ago and she's been feeling sad so no wonder she is loving the company.

This next photo is of Sinae, she's a white seal pointed guinea pig and is the oldest ofthe three. Sinae is very lucky as we got her when she was pregnant and she was older than six months and nearly died through giving birth. Supposedly guinea pigs if they haven't bred before six months old shouldn't be breed from. We don't breed our pets as we feel its a gift just to have these in our lives and they are happy with each others company.

Beaver is our third guinea pig, we called her beaver because of her coat color and texture she is the shyest out of the pigs and so was hiding in her little box. And yes there is a little bit of guinea pig poop lol

This is SpotSpot and its Snowy's daughter, she's a very pretty gray and white bun bun, she kept moving out of the shot so its a tad blurry haha
This is Snowy, Spotspots mother, they had to be put into different hutches because
in the end Snowy got tempermental but they still live side by side to give each other
company. Snowy was a lot whiter when she was a baby bunny.

Indy is the first every bunbun that we got, he was my one months aniversary gift from
my fiancee and we've been together for just over four years now. He's nicknamed the
magic bunny because his fur changes color depending on the season.

Now we have our little silverbeet patch, I say little because its only about a metre big in size we wanted to only be small because we're not really green thumbed but wanted to try something. It seems to be going well for our first try. Just that the snails do seem to peck at it whenever we turn our backs. Its also sorely in need of a good weed but alas there never seems to be enough time during the day.

This is our one and only tomato plant only planted a few days ago, we hope it grows bigand strong to give us ripe red tomatoes. I'm thinking of planting some herbs if this tomato bush goes well.

A kangaroo paw bush is a very pretty bush, we planted it a year or so ago and my fiancee even ran over it by mistake with the lawn mower and its still going strong! The Kangaroopaw is an Australian native.

There is always life and death in a garden, we have cicadas at the moment and I found
the shell of one under a tree by the rabbits cages. I decided to take a snap of it because they are beautiful in their own right. The magpies get a good feed of these.

Now this is my latest creation, I wet felted a panel of felt using silk, merino and other locks and didn't know what to do with it. I zigzagged stitched over it to give it strength and then today I finally created something with it and am rather proud of it. No patterns or anything like that just my own thoughts and creativity coming into play, I'm so glad I thought of what to do because now I can use my felting skills and still use my sewing machine so that makes me happy otherwise my poor sewing machine is just sitting there alll lonely.I needle felted the red trim onto it and that is merino roving. I used red polar fleece on the backing and sewed a string of yarn for the handle.