Friday, March 29, 2013

needle felted spotty dog

we had a really quiet good Friday yesterday, spent the day at home and then for dinner we went to my other halfs parents place. We had cod, veggies and cheese sauce it was very tastey though my other half had fish fingers cause he doesn't like cod haha. But my tummy sure was happy. It's lovely being cooked for isn't it? now I'm returning the favor by having his mum over for lunch today. I made this little pup yesterday a needle felted fluppy (crossed between fluffy and puppy) haha he's made out of merino and alpaca wool roving, I've been buying up more wool roving this week too! I had a sale in my etsy store so it gave me some funds to play with haha. Not that I actually neeeeeeeed more wool I just love buying it!!! wool addict anyone? the baby guinea pigs and their mother are all doing well!! they are so adorably cute. I'll try and make a video of them soon. Happy Easter all

Thursday, March 28, 2013

guinea pig breeding guinea pig babies

well we had a lovely surprise overnight I had Buntie out yesterday to feel how the pregnancy was going along I thought she wasn't due for a couple of weeks well I was sure wrong!! she gave birth to three healthy pups all are doing well and here are some pics. She's a sheeba mini yak and her husband is Dingo our rex boy the babies are his coloring with some patches of white and will most likely be her hair type which is long. All have homes so we are responsible breeders!! I'm so proud of Buntie she seems so happy, purring at them amd she seemed to know what to do for a first time mumma. Happy Easter all!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

needle felted custom design a piece cartoon miniature plush waldorf

Hi all happy Thursday its been a windy, wet and stormy day in my part of Australia today. Not cold exactly but the weather is cooling down for Autumn finally!!! this is my latest a dog I made for Claudia Everest from A dog a day on facebook! she sent me a drawing and I'm sending her this dog, Julio one of her characters. I hope I did the interpretation justice!! I am rather a tad late! I tend to do that with swaps all at once it comes at me haha but its fun doing, my next swap is an Easter/Spring themed swap which will be fun. I'm listing custom designed pieces on etsy if you'd like something designed by me, from your imagination contact me and we'll work something out. I'm off to work on my Spring swap it doesn't feel like Spring here in Australia but we're topsy turvey haha hugs to all

Sunday, March 17, 2013

needle felted miniature brown poodle puppy waldorf dog natural toy

Hello all well Fall/Autumn has finally arrived and with it, its crispness and woody scent, rain and good comfort food! tonight we had red wine and beef cassarole cooked in our slow cooker (of course) and my needle felting you ask? well I've needle felted this miniature poodle! made out of chocolate wool roving and I've used miniature glass seed beads for her eyes! isn't she an adorable puppy with her puppy smile? in other news today we picked up a rescue Princess cross superb parrot who we've renamed Sam as his original owners called him Buster which we didn't think suited him very much. I also played at being a hairdresser after watching some youtube videos and cut my bangs! also known as fringe in Australian English haha. I quite like how it turned out too as I learned to thin it out and give myself some layers which saved me an expensive trip to the hairdresser, more money to buy wool with I reckon. I'm now off to do some English homework for class tomorrow!! Happy Sunday

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

needle felted arist bear miniature ooak

Hi all and hope you are having a lovely Thursday I'm off to the doctors cause I've pulled something in my back, so lots of resting for me at the moment. Doesn't stop me from crafting though! here's my latest a five way thread jointed needle felted bear, my biggest yet at about eight inches tall when standing. Hopefully this back issue of mine recovers soon, its very frustrating Happy Thursday hugs

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Miniature waldorf doll and grey kitten

Hi all gee its been hot in Melbourne we're in Autumn but we're still having heatwaves, however I've still got little things to show you, first is a needle felted grey kitten named Mittens. Speaking of cats my Wildy (black boy cat) got into a cat fight last week and had an abscess which was infected so now he's wearing the cone of shame again and on antibiotics, its healing but he's not happy poor baby. And here is Polly a little needle felted miniature walforf styled dolly approx one inch in height. Happy Sunday

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jinx the needle felted bear

This is a little bear I have made, his name is Jinx, he's approx five inches tall and five way thread jointed. I have created a listing on etsy and can create custom bears like Jinx. This week has been busy with animals, school and car breaking down but we got it back yesterday!! Happy Wednesday