Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The lake

We went on another hike today and this time we went around a rather large lake, on the way we saw much wildlife including kangaroos, different birds and this particular bird who we dubbed as Mr Goose, he's a stray goose from a farm somewhere that is nearby he seemed lonely to me.
it wasn't a great day to go out hiking I can tell you! it was blustery, cold and in some parts wet. But we still did our hour hike.
Excuse my rather stupid expression I hate being caught off guard in photos haha
Yesterday this little guy hatched, he's a diamond dove he's so cute and the group leader on our walk today said she wanted to cook up Mr Goose, I told Mr Goose to make a run for it lol
haven't been doing too much crafting lately, not sure why but will catch up with craftiness soon. Hugs

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a birds tale

I had an interesting day out today went to a local walk and did a 5km walk to the falls. I took photos These lovely birds are male Australian native King Parrots
me with rosellas
A baby rosella mid flight, it flew off my hand just as I took the snap
a lovely rosella eating from my hand, now I don't condone feeding wild animals of any sort because it does make them reliant on getting human brought food however I did partake today so I am guilty of this but I think if its done responsibly and not too often it should be fine.
this is what was called the falls, though its more an over run creek in my books, I think you'd have to have a good imagination to call it a water fall but its still pretty and I can imagine fae folk living in the tree ferns and mossy houses and so on. Now am at home recovering having a coffee and putting my poor tired feet up.

Needle felted pets Blythe Pullip Bjd miniature dolls

Hi all how are we on this Wednesday night? well its Wednesday night for me, posting this before heading to bed. I had a quick photo shoot with my new doll! she arrived today along with her friend that I purchased and some doll furniture that I purchased off of ebay, I was disappointed with some of the furniture as it had broken mid transit but I can only really blame the postal service for rough handling there I guess plus the furniture is vintage. But I digress, I'm really getting into this whole doll world as you can see, I'm hoping to either get a doll hous (not a crappy plastic one) or have a doll house shelf thing made that can hang on the wall. I need it light enough to take down so I can take it outside to do photoshoots in good lighting. But this is my first shoot with Elwyn I've named her that as I adore old fashioned names, I named my Tiny Betsy doll Mary after the character in Downton Abbey the tv show I fell in love with. I think I'm going to name my full sized blythe doll after a Phyllipa Gregory character as she's my all time favorite author. So now for the fun stuff pics! mini critters of course
This is Princess she's a white little kitty with yellow eyes, approx two inches and loves sitting in that armchair.
This is Oinks the flying piggy I know highly original name haha, well I could have called her Piggie but I didn't. These two are listed on my esty store however I can created custom Blythe pets, Pullip pets, Bjd pets and more please message me hugs

Saturday, October 20, 2012


this is an entry for a facebook contest I'm entering wish me luck

Friday, October 19, 2012

needle felted wolf pup Blythe pet custom

This wolf is for a Halloween swap I'm doing in a felting yahoo group, my partner doesn't follow this blog (I think so I'm pretty sure I'm safe haha) but wanted to share with you guys. Great size for dolls, original dog art and pet customs. Made from a variety of wool roving.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

needle felted guinea pig cavy Blythe pet miniature

This little cavy I created last night, cute isn't he? perfect for Blythe, and I have news! I brought my first ever Blythe from ebay last night. Can't wait to pay for her and get her. I'll post pics as soon as I do. Am I Blythe obsessed at the moment? in a nutshell, yes haha. This guy is very cute, in my etsy shop and I can create custom guinea pigs. Happy Wednesday

Monday, October 8, 2012

miniature Blythe Pets needle felted wildlife

This is Rose a needle felted squirrel made in miniature, available in my etsy store. She's approx an inch and a bit tall and cute as a button, needle felted out of wool roving. Perfect for Blythe haha. This is Rocky the raccoon
Rocky loves drinking coffee, he's approx two inches tall or should I say small? he's also available in my etsy store would make a lovely friend for you're doll. Happy Tuesday

Sunday, October 7, 2012

needle felted dog puppy Blythe pet

This is Ralph the little sleeping puppy, isn't he adorable? I made him today, he's approx two inches long. Would be great in doll house, miniature display or for wait for it Blythe haha. But he is rather sweet I think. Happy Sunday

Saturday, October 6, 2012

pet pug puppy for Blythe

Today is my 28th birthday and I'm celebrating by needle felting and having a few drinks at home haha. I did have lunch out at the mil which was lovely. Its a dreary day today after the lovely weather we have been having. Here is my latest Snooky the pug puppy
Perfect for Blythe (of course) or other dollies, available in my etsy store Happy Saturday

Thursday, October 4, 2012

needle felted wildlife

Hi all and happy Friday the sun is shining here and I actually managed to get two loads of washing dryed in one day! amazing I know, if you knew what Melbournes weather was like you'd understand haha. This little skunk was created when watching my favorite show call of the wild, Turtleman. I've named her Petunia, made out of merino wool roving and she has black glass eyes
and this little bear is Blueberry, she's approx two inches tall, they are both perfect for Blythe or other dolls (of course) both available in my etsy shop. hugs

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Brown mouse Blythe pet

This is little Rusty, he's approx two inches tall and he has glass black eyes, he's needle felted out of merino wool roving. He would suit any Blythe doll or fashion doll similar. He's available in my Etsy store. Rusty loves adventure and will happily travel to your place. Happy Thursday!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Poodle dog for Blythe

Meet my latest Bella the poodle, needle felted over a wire frame so she can pose gently, she is great for dolls like Blythe. Or for collectors in general, she is available in my etsy store. I'm rather obsessed with Blythe at the moment. Here's a pic of Wildy I took today he looked so comfortable just laying on the rabbits cage. Our rabbits have moved to my other halfs parents place as a big dog got into our yard and sadly killed Snowy about a week and a half ago, it was rather traumatic as we had Snowy for about six years.
Wildy was a bit confused as to why the bunnies had gone as he used to sit with them for company. Today we're off to the dentist my poor other half is getting a root canal and tooth extraction this afternoon, he's terrified. So I'm going with him as moral support. Happy Tuesday