Saturday, December 31, 2011

Needle felted rabbit cute ooak

Happy New year all this was my last creation of 2011
BlueJay bunny

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bird and Cat

Here is a picture of Wildy just relaxing on a hot day, today he bombarded me as I tried to take pics of this little bird I had to take them inside in the end haha

Hello all here is my latest a needle felted snow chick or romantic chick lol she wears a golden charm around her neck, she has stitched lace and stitched wings for decoration. She's about an inch and a bit tall. Fluffy little cute bird.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

needle felted fox cub

almost the new year do you have any resolutions?
Mine are
get rid of some weight
get more organized
spend more time with loved ones
make more in real life friends
find more active hobbies

Sunday, December 25, 2011

crocheted monster

hello all hope you had a lovely time yesterday.
I know I did with family.

this is what I whipped up today a cute little monster crocheted, needle felted and buttns for eyes,

I've named this little monster onetooth I think he's rather cute.
Today we're visiting my nan and whatever other family members of mine that will be there. I think maybe my younger sister we haven't seen each other in about a year.

It's not that we live far away she lives with my nan however its just that we're not a very close family hence why I love my other halfs family so much.

Anyways I'm off to feed birds, run errands and look at some boxing day sales we're buying a new kettle as ours is on the brink haha

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wet felted bangle or cuff

Another quick post I made this today whilst cooking dinner! a felted bangle perfect for a plus sized gal. I have wide hands and wrists so don't fit the norm sized bangles at the shops. So I wet felted this one in mermaid greens and purples. I've titled it mermaid swimming. I've listed it in my Etsy store at a very reasonable price.

I used thrifted plastic buttons to sew on for decorative purposes. more pics in my etsy store I'm off to eat dinner. Happy Christmas eve all

Friday, December 23, 2011

needle felted cat

Happy Christmas eve everyone, today I called my nan who is 79 today as she was born on Christmas eve, I wont be seeing her until Boxing day however.

Tonight I'm whipping up some last minute Cross stitching to give.

I have also made this needle felted cat I am really pleased with how its turned out,

Tomorrow I'll be at my other halfs family for Christmas... we'll be having a roast dinner, swapping gifts and most likely some sleeping in the afternoon haha left overs for tea that night if we're at all hungry I can't wait for the plum pudding

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Needle felted bird

A cute little stork fantasy bird in pretty colors
he's just a little something I made for fun

handyed wool from Ixchel's bunny fibre farm some fibre I'd brought last Sat at the spin in.

Lovely to felt with.

Only two more sleeps until you know what

sewing and crafty endevours

Today I managaged to do a few things errand wise, went to the post office and did some Christmas shopping as well. Tomorrow we're registering Wildy with our local council, its just a formality and they have fines if your cat isn't registered so we're doing it lol.

Anyways this is one thing I recieved Carol held a give away recently and I won a copy of this months Mollie makes magazine, a fabric Christmas tree brooch and a handmade crocheted/knitted brooch that Carol made, she also made me a wonderful cross stitched card thank you so much Carol!
This is my sewing nook

isn't it small? its a small desk at the end of our bed in our bedroom haha. We live in a small two bedroom miners cottage so space is at a comprimise for crafty endevours.

However see that doll book? this is what I'm hoping to start doing, hence getting things ready wish me luck as I do have anxiety with my sewing machine which by the way her name is Bethany haha

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

needle felted playful puppy

This is my latest little playful puppy, needle felted over craft wire, his legs can pose gently. He's about two or so inches long not very big. I love his coloring, I blended a light caramel and a beige together. He looks rather happy I think. He's not breed specific and I had fun making him.

Today we're selling some lovebirds that my other half bred so that' nice to do a turn around. We're not in it for the money obviously but it all helps to make seed money, as long as its paying for itself its a good hobby. Hard work though... especially in Summer. We're going to be having three days of 30 something degree temperature so yes Christmas day I'll be wearing a skirt haha. I'm not a fan of summer, I feel like I'm melting on the inside.

But today I'm also doing the Christmas shopping I was supposed to be doing yesterday but my other half's brother came over instead to work on the bases for the aviery we're currently building.

Why do things take a lot longer than what we had in mind? lol

I'm also going to the post office have three things to pick up I'm hoping one of them will be the give away I'd won recently, my needle felting swap gift and some things I've bought from ebay.

Anyways until next time be good until Santa arrives.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

needle felted pet grey rabbit

my latest is a needle felted thread jointed bunny rabbit, he's very cute. I love his face. He's available in my Etsy store. One of a kind, firmly felted out of lovely roving.

The next few days will be busy getting things ready for Christmas can you believe I haven't even done Christmas shopping? not to worry most will be handmade plus I'm not spending a lot this year not that I do usually its the thought that counts I believe.

Happy Holidays

Monday, December 19, 2011

needle felted red panda plush

We took Wildy to the vet yesterday and he was the most behaved puss ever! he's only most likely been to the vet once to be desexed in his lifetime. So we're so surprised. Thevetcalled him an angel cat. He's now microchipped. Wetold the vet what had happened and she said she'd have belted them if they took her cat.

Anyways heres a redpanda I made last night

will be in my etsy store soon Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 18, 2011

our cat was almost kidnapped

I'm shocked and saddened tonight when we got home from shopping aboug 8:00pm this evening my cat Wildy was on the nature strip as he normally is looking out at things and people as he usually likes to do. Well we were unlocking the house and putting shopping in. All of a sudden a car stops outside the hedge and lady says oh hello there. I assumed she was talking to a friend.

Then after a pause she says do you want to come home with me? we worked out she had patted Wildy. She tried picking him up to put him in her car. Luckily he's weary of strangers generally and kicked up a fuss and I heard him yowl, ran out and the driver said there's someone there and thank goodness because he's safe inside with us tonight.
I just can't believe someone would steal my cat! he's my baby I'm soooooo attatched to him. If he were human he'd be my best friend. He is my best friend just of the feline variety.

So tomorrow we're taking him down to the vet and getting him a microchip scan and if he doesn't have one we'll get one done after that we're getting him registered with our local council. Really should have done this sooner but this has been a real wake up call.

Who would take a cat just right off the street like that? my only guess is that he does have a personality people can see that when they see him. He's like a dog almost. Not that he would ever admit that of coursse.

He wont be happy with his vet visit we call vets Aunty/Uncle so and so lol makes it easier on them as they know the V word.

I'm just upset by the thought of someone just impulsively taking my cat, I was in tears earlier. Tonight he'll be in the cat run to make sure he stays safe. I'm just glad he's still with us.

Friday, December 16, 2011

my spin in day out

I had sooooooo much fun with the gals at Ixchel bunny fibre spin in. I'm pretty sure that Charly and her bunny crew is keeping the wool industry alive

Next is of the wool and goods that Charly makes

I do have more pics but I have to go have a lie down lol we ate, made merry and I had a glass of wine haven't had wine in such a looooooong time. Egg and bacon pie and chicken on lovely bread for lunch plus lots of nibblies. I bought my first drop spindle, some rovings, a badge and two felted soaps will share soon

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Frong ring

This is one of the needle felted accessories I made today and its pretty darned cute a frog ring! lol I like frogs. I wet felted the ring bit and needle felted the head. It's very firm. I'm hoping to make more of these. I'm currently making a monkey charm to go as a necklace and I'll wear them tomorrow for the meet up at Ixchel bunny fibre farm tomorrow. Can't wait!

I'll be buying fibre, looking at fibre, petting fibre, looking at bunnies, looking at people spinning and crafting. Can you tell I've been dreaming about a craft group like this for awhile???

so yes what do you think about Mr Frog Ring? shall I make more?

needle felted wolf

Today am showing my latest a little wolf cub! he's rather cute I think love the different grays.

I can never remember if grey is like that or gray lol
either way. I'm organizing my things for a special outing tomorrow am being picked up by the lovely Caroline and we're going to Ixchel's bunny fibre farm for a craft catchup. This is rather a big step for me a: I'm not good in cars with people I know I've only chatted briefly to Caroline lol on the internet on Ravelry.

B: I don't drive because of anxiety so this is rather a big thing so I'm organizing what I can now just to have things sorted and planned. I'm telling myself not to stress too much. I think Carolines car is called the Tardis lol

So I'm looking forward to meeting the lovely ladies who also like fibre, its for spinning, knitting, crochet and needle felting this group oh and wet felting I think too as Charly wet felts.

I'm the lone needle felter at the moment but hope to start a trend its been hot today and will he tomorrow. Wearing a lovely skirt and batwinged styled tshirt tomorrow gotta look trendy haha at the moment making some cute needle felted accessories

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bunnies everywhere

These are some pics of three out of four bunnies that I have lol the fourth resides at my other halfs parents as its attatched to my other halfs brother. I also have one guinea pig named Oinkey.

Oinkey is very good friends with bunny SpotSpot

Snowy is SpotSpots mother and she's a Chinchilla patterned giant cross she's our biggest of our four rabbits and she's a nut, she's scary will bite, growl, lunge and grunt. I've got a few scars from her. But I've learned to tolerate her as its not her fault.

Indy is special he's my first ever bunny and was our gift to one another when we celebrated our first month of going out todegether lol we're now nearly six years together.

needless to say we don't celebrate everything like that anymore but Indy is our special boy. He loves to be petted but not held. I love his smokey ears.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Excuse the pics haven't edited but these are some exciting buttons I found whilst op shopping

I paid $6 for the jar of buttons still exploring it these are some of my faves!!!