Wednesday, November 30, 2011

sharp hook crochet edges give away

This amazing give away can be found here I'd so love to win one... I didn't know that's how you could do crochet edging looks really neat.

The creator of this hook has a book to go with it as well. I'm actually considering looking at buying it if its not too expensive... she has free shipping untill the end of December.

Check out the give away now

Monday, November 28, 2011

needle felted fox doll

Here is my latest doll! I'm rather excited about her, I've named her Vixen Vicky and she's a gypsy. I needle felted her, she's five way thread jointed so she can pose gently. She's about seven inches tall which is big for me. I know I've been quiet all week unusual for me but my camera batteries are still wonky I'm stealing my other halfs camera for now I begged him to use it.

in other exciting news on Sunday I had my fourth etsy sale! a custom order to make a little doggie. This is one of the preview shots I sent to the customer tonight

He's going to be a hanging ornament as requested.
We're still looking after our little baby bird he's thriving I must be getting used to the interupted sleep. Hopefully will be taking more pics soon of things I've been up to. Happy Monday

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Crochet mouse pattern

ahh crochet minimonde an Etsy seller I've just bought a pattern from, this one right here Cherry the mouse. Isn't she cute? I can't wait to get started on her!!

I have been needle felting have to get batteries for my camera they died!! even though they are rechargable ones. Strange. I feel weird not being able to take pics of my critters lol

I also decided to buy this pattern from her as well a cute little bear!

Am currently felting a Giant ant eater watched a documentory about them
Happy Wednesday

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Needle felted bunny Joy

Meet Joy a needle felted bunny baby girl who loves to play and not learn to embroider or crochet. She wears an apron and a little bonnet. Needle felted out of merino wool roving. Her mother promises her she'll grow into those big ears.

Joy is available in my etsy store Happy Thursday all

The craft barn give away

oh wow over at the craft barn blog who I only stumbled upon this morning is having a massive give away. You all know by now I lurve give aways. So do pop on over and check it out, sure to be fun

Monday, November 14, 2011

Needlefelted doll

This is Polly she's my latest needlefelted doll, one of a kind and cute. I really have improved in my faces. I love her hair. I need to buy more of these locks. She is crafted over wire and wears a tunic. She's a pretty tomboy. She likes to play. About six inches tall give or take. Needlefelted using a variety of wool. I love using hand dyed wool the best.

I had an exciting parcel arrive today from my embroidery group partner, we were in a swap. I'll post pics tomorrow she sent me a massive collection of goodies. I'm sending mine out on Friday I do love these craftie swaps

Saturday, November 12, 2011

needle felted owl ooak

Mr Owl is grumpy because he doesn't like being out in the day
but he had to be for his photoshoot. He agreed to it albeit in a rather
tired and sleepy way. He's made from wool roving and I needlefelted him
using no patterns just my imagination. I love owls and birds of any kind and
character owls are one of my faves. He's about one and a half inches tall and
is stumpy so can sit on his own, he can look like he's perching by himself.

I do hope you like my latest he'll be available in my etsy store this evening.
Mr Owl would love to meet you!

Happy Saturday

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh deer

r Spring this Spring baby deer is gangy in its gait, wobbly legs make her all the cuter I think.

She's available in my etsy store. The title so works for this feltie and my story read ahead if your interested or don't if not :)

Today I'm announcing officially I'm going on a diet god that word just fills me with dread. I'm a size 18 squeazing out into a size 20 whilst I am tall and mostly in proportion I want to get rid of 15 kilos.

Why today? I've had it. I'm sick of shoppig for clothes that just aren't right... I'm sick of feeling sluggish, unhealthy and I want more energy. I also want to stop this cycle of desperate comfort eating. I've been under a bit of stress lately due to random health issues and when I stress I comfort eat. I just ate a sandwhich with butter and sugar and convinced myself it was fairy bread cause I didn't have anything else sweet in the house.

The bread was multigrain though lol
But anyways as of today I'll be starting to move more, do more and be more. That's my motto.

Sunday is shopping day only healthy low fat things will be on the list.
My new diet consists of
low fat yoghurt for when I'm feeling desperate
up and go breakfast drink
and main for dinner (healthiest I can make it)

this it my real world diet I can't follow ones in magazines, or the shake ones cause its just not for me, as soon as I say I'm on a diet I feel hungry. It happens. But I know I'm not doing myself any good gobbling down junk just because it makes me feel good at the time.

I'm hoping to document weekly my progress and get motivation from doing so.
Hopefully I wont bore you! you' still get the craftyness too so never fear
Tomorrow I am seeing my gp for a health check up and to get her to refer me to a new gynocologist. My gyno was ... there's no polite word to use here. I walked out of the appointment in tears.

This was Wednesday today I was feeling depressed I get that way about health issues.
But I digress he basically said well what do you suggest? I just looked at him and said you're the doctor!

My other half agrees obviously its him. The poor girl in front of me that day waiting for fifteen minutes wasn't even in with him for two minutes. Not kidding what so ever. She even said to the receptionist wow that was quick I waited that long for that? 0-0

I'm trying to get over my health issues number one is my monthly friend who comes at multiple times during the month. I become very sick with it. Chronic pain and so on.
He looks at me as if its all in my head. Annoyingly appointments have always been when I haven't had my monthly friend visiting. So I've talked to my therapist abot him and he said if he doesn't work out I'll get in contact with a local gyno who I know is really good and nice. Hopefully he'll organize it for me next Tuseday. Strange I know through my therapist but he's very understanding.

My doctor tomorrow is referring me one to the hospital just in case.

So didn't mean to rant just wanted to vent and explain and share some latest bits of my life for what its worth. I'm hoping to meet other women in similar situations I think moral support would be lovely even online. Please leave a comment or email me at if you suffer dreadful painful periods witho a reason as to why.

*hugs* to all

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

needlefelted bird collage

This is a collage I created and worked on in the last couple of days I quite like it, its shabby chic and different. I created the branch and bird by needlefelting, the rest of the collage is scrap material and doilies glued onto stretched canvas.
We had a really big storm last night with flash flooding in some areas. We escaped with minimal damage thank goodness.

I'm working on home made gfits this year for Christmas am thinking of giving this to a family member... but then again I might not, unsure what to do with it at the moment. What are your thoughts on this collage?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Snowman needlefelted and needfelted bear

Meet Snowy the snow man and Peaches the bear! my two latest critters that I've needlefelted. Peaches is five way thread jointed so can gently pose. Snowy is wrapped up in a hat an scarf.

Today I'm seeing my gynocologist six weeks after the procedure I had, he better not say everything is normal!!! if I'm not happy with what he wants to do today I'm getting a referral to a new one. I've been seeing him for two years and my "monthly friend" has just gotten worse and worse. I get two really heavy monthlies a month and can last up to 15 days heavy throughout no light days.

I also get extreme pain, fever and mood swings so you can guess why I want it to be fixed lol

anyways hope you are all doing well
Happy Wednesday

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Coffee Companion handmade Crocheted

Introducing the Coffee companion! I created this crocheted goodness this morning ^^ its rather sweet and modernish with its polkadot pattern that I needlefelted on. I think it has many uses can hold things on the side like pen, small note book, glasses
and when not near your drink you can place it over the cup to protect your beverage from bugs and insects.

I'm really getting into this crocheting lark ^^ its rather fun. I think this would really look nice on a bedside table or in a garden tea party. I can create custom colors listing is in my etsy shop
Happy Monday

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Waldorf fairy needlefelted

Something different a waldorf styled Fairy mounted on its own felted
backing and frame. I rather like how its turned out. We're having a heatwave
at the moment compartively speaking from last week which was freezing,
I've been dagging about in flip flops and my feet are paying for it, my poor
ankle is that swollen. I have lymphodema in my ankles from past feet reconstruction
when I was young.

But I digress lol the babies are doing well we're fully hand rearing again as mum hopped out of the nest which isn't a good sign.

But they are thriving more pictures to come of them soon

I'm crocheting up a storm at the moment started a bear today hopefully will have pics of him soon too

happy Saturday

Friday, November 4, 2011

new species? needlefelted

Hello all! great news we're not doing a full hand rearing we're doing what is called co rearing we take the babes away of a night so they don't get cold and monitor them during the day making sure they are getting fed. So far it is working so not as much sleeplessness as I first thought.

Here's what I've been working on I'm working on a story for them such as where they come from an island perhaps? I can't decide between Jubies, Zaffies or Zeebies for their "breed name"
What do you think or suggest?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

sleepless nights

Hi all tragic news when I went to feed the birds and give extra food to the parent Conures I found that the tiny baby had been eaten. We think it could either have been by her or rodents. Now she's rejected the two healthy babies. They are far too young to self feed so we're hand rearing. This is a pic of the big baby on their first feed by us. My other half is showing me how its done.

Hand rearing was the last thing we wanted to do, it was their first clutch and generally it'll teach them bad habits. The parents I mean. I now believe we'll have some interupted sleep for the next while. The babies are in an incubator in the bathroom.

I really hope these two pull through. One has opened its eyes the smaller one is yet to do so and we think it'll think we're its mummy.
The imprint thing.

Anyways I'm off to make some coffee wish us luck

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sheepa the lambbear crocheted doll

Meet SheepaSheeap my first amigurumi styled teddy bear, my other half reckons she looks like a lamb so she's a teddylamb named SheepaSheepa. I made her last night and crocheted the dress for her today. I think she's turned out really sweet for my first ever crocheted doll.

I stuffed her with wool roving so she's lovely and soft and her eyes, nose and ears are needlefelted. My other half has requested I do a fox in this style lol I'm gonna start him tonight!

SheepaSheepa is available in my etsy store