Wednesday, November 28, 2012

needle felted bird Evergreen

wow two posts in one day! I made this little birdie called Evergreen whilst waiting for my other half in his last dentist appointment, he was very brave getting his root canal done. Here is Evermore, soon to be available in my etsy shop I can create custom little birdies, these would make sweet Christmas ornaments too hanging on a tree or perched somewhere cute.
will be looking after the male critter tonight he's feeling groggy and a bit ill from the dentist injections. Possibly from the heat too. Baby budgie and mum are both doing good in the heat thank goodness tomorrow will be cooler! haven't seen Wildy at all today he's probably keeping cool somewhere. Happy Thursday

baby budgies and plumhead parrots

This little squirt of a bird is a not even a day old Budgie! he hatched on day 18 and I checked on them 7am this morning and its now just after 9am so he's only a few hours old. Will have to look after them today as its going to be really warm!! 38degrees c. These lovely parrots are our new plum head parrots, I can't wait for them to breed, I want to hand rear the young, they make awesome pets!
the one on the left is the male and the plainer one is the hen off to have an ecg and cholesterol test and my other half has his last dentist appointment today Happy Thursday

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pineapple green cheek conure cute pets

we're having a mini heatwave here in Australia tomorrow is reaching 38 degrees c not going to be enjoying it, I'm a winter person. Today looked after the birds and animals as its so warm, tomorrow will be the same. Took a photo of Tara our Pineapple green cheek conure whom we handraised from three weeks of age as her parents rejected her. She's just over one year old now, she still walks around like she's drunk as she has a neurological disorder. It supposedly gets better as they get older. But she enjoyed her bath and she's the sweetest little bird ever who loves talking to me and loves snuggles.
Tonight I'll be whipping up a needle felted bear for my other halfs dentist as they've been lovely looking after him with his treatment and were asking about my craft as I brought it in each appointment. So I'll be making the clinic a little Christmas gift. Happy Tuesday

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Bear ornaments needle felted

These are some little Christmas bears I have made recently, a pair of miniature bears.
and a little Winter themed bear in Icy colors
getting ready for Christmas obviously haha not long now really. Happy Tuesday

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

needle felted teddybear

a little bear I made for a friend we're visiting in hospital, Ivan is named after our friend. I can create custom teddy bears. Also a little custom order I had on etsy an aardvark crossed between a fox
Still five budgie eggs so we think that will be the number, and two conure eggs this morning. Hugs

Sunday, November 18, 2012

baby guinea pig

Meet Smokey she's a two week old baby guinea pig we adopted today when old enough will go with our lovely male Dingo.
she's very snuggly and has the cutest grey shading over her back will take pics after she's settled in. Met a really nice bloke today as we brought a pair of bush budgies from him. He keeps antelope!! I was shocked you have to have a zoo liscense for those animals, so cool though will take pics next week as we're picking up a hen galah for our Bert so exciting. Happy Sunday
feeding time found out she had been taken too soon from mum
another pic to show off her unusual markings and colorings

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New family member Dingo the guinea pig

After the heartbreak of this year and last year losing our bunnies and guinea pigs we've found a lovely male piggie, he was free to good home in a pet shop because he fights with other piggies. He's a lovely boy approx six months old, I just love his color and he has a war wound as he has a chewed ear. We have named him Dingo.
isn't he a lovely oolor? we think he's a rex cross self beige but unsure will have to look it up, I'm after a lovely girlfriend for him now (wish I'd cleaned out the snail shell before taking that photo haha) will add some grass for him so he's more comfortable. Budgie egg update there are now four eggs! Happy Friday

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Country chicken and Christmas ornament needle felted

Hi all been a busy day today first was my other halfs dentist appointment he had the first part of a root canal done took two hours, made these when waiting with him getting ready for Christmas available in my etsy shop
cute little Santa's hats can be made to be strung up somewhere and here is Country chicken
looking after my other half for today he's on a liquid diet hurts too much to eat poor baby hope you're all well hugs

Monday, November 12, 2012

some more feathered friends

These are some pictures of our new birds we picked up the other day Kakarikis Nz native parrots they're one of my favorite birds
this is our new hen cinnamon colored green cheek conure to go with Bubbaguts dad as his wifey passed away And last but not least documenting from day one! first laid egg from our hen budgie 1 egg
day two, 2 eggs
Off to the dentist now happy Tuesday

Rupert the fox needle felted fox

Meet Rupert the fox! I needle felted most of him last night when my other half and I were at the hospital for his sleep clinic as he was being fitted for a cpap machine as he has severe sleep apnea. We got woken up at 6am and got home at about 7am after having breakfast at his parents place, I finished off Rupert then. Isn't he lovely? I love using the dolls furniture. I used amigurumi eyes for him, makes him look much more lively! He's approx 4ish inches tall, five way thread jointed and has a blend of merino wool plus tussah silk to give him a bit of texture, he's available in my etsy shop. Today we're off to the dentist for the start of the root canal procedure for my other half, he's having the rest of it done on Thursday poor man. Hugs and happy Tuesday

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday best needle felted rabbit

Finally something not doll related! here is a little baby bunny I've named Lilly, she is five way thread jointed and cute as a button, available on my etsy shop. One of a kind, needle felted, and five inches tall.
been a busy weekend with our birds, sold some yesterday and today found our hen budgie the one nested with Rodger has laid her first egg! hopefully we'll have babies soon. Our conures are also looking like they'll be nesting soon which is very exciting. Happy Sunday

Thursday, November 8, 2012

crocheted blythe outfit glamorous

My second girl arrived today! all the way from England she's a cce basaak clone blythe but really cute. I love her make up and she isn't too glossy like my first girl. She came with a long haired wig in same copper color and I adore her eyes. She really suits the Princess glamorous look. I crocheted her this outfit, used acrylic yarns and trim. Boots, dress and headband. Available in etsy shop, I'm thinking of a glamorous old fashioned name for this gal. hugs

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

felted bear and blythe ramblings

I am very happy to report I worked out how to use dollys eyes! she can change them now don't know why she couldn't before but all of a sudden it worked so I am thrilled with her. Did a mini photo shoot with her today using some oldbie items to re photo them to make them look good.
all these three items are available in my etsy shop, I'm needing funds for my dolly habit, its very addicting, the seller I brought this girl from is holding two dolls for me at a very reasonable price I'm buying an Enchanted petal and Simply mango for $180 plus she's throwing in some clothing and the Simply mango one has had a custom face up done. I haven't told my other half I'm getting them yet haven't really got the money but too good a deal to pass up rofl in my mind anyways. Can't wait lol when all my dolls arrive I'll have 7 blythes of different sorts and quality plus two Anne Estelle and Tiny Betsy haha my doll family is growing. We're off on our group hike tomorrow will post pics tomorrow afternoon hugs

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Feathered friends budgies and baby diamond dove

Meet Washer he's our newest addition to our flock, he's a mate for our hen budgie, we have two budgies already in a nest box but we were wanting to get a mate for the spare hen as she was wanting to breed. This is his girlfriend
This is the pair in the nest box Rodger is at the front, haven't named his missus yet haha
and latest update on baby diamond dove he's thriving really strongly already fully feathered and has grown since last picture.
Happy Wednesday

Monday, November 5, 2012

Prima dolly arrived Blythe excited

Well I have to say I'm beyond excited my first Blythe girl arrived this week, she's a prima dolly blythe with so cute lilac colored hair. She was a bargain on ebay, she is second hand and does have a couple of flaws such as her eyes wont actually change colors but I've read most likely it can be fixed its a common prob thats over looked sometimes by people adding in sleepy eyes. So for the time being her eyes are stuck on orange lol I've read it can either be the pull string isn't catching on the teeth of the cog (I'm not a hundred percent sure on that term there) or it can be the eye mach was put in the wrong way again, one day when I'm feeling brave enough I'm gonna get my other half to open her up and have a look as he's very good at fixing things.
The seller was great to communicate with, and even put in some extra clothing for her, I am happy as ever with this cute girl. She has a different brand scalp can't remember what it is currently lol. But she's still adorable. I'm still in the process of getting to know her and naming her, any old fashioned name suggestions would be appreciated! I adore old fashioned names. Here she is sitting with my little dal doll Elwyn
and here she is with some felties
these three felties are available in my etsy store, so please help me name my girl! hugs and happy Tuesday