Thursday, November 28, 2013

needle felted rabbit and bear

Hello all I have been a busy bee last night made this little rabbit and bear for the market which is tomorrow! I have to be up bright and early as I have to set up at 7:30am. I hope its worth it! my business cards also came through the week!

here they are

 aren't they great? the designer made them double sided to show off my work more
 little bunny

 Christmas bear

I'm getting my hair done today am excited cut and colored and then have to go to the bank to organize my float for tomorrow. I also still have to buy price stickers and lunch bags to put them in if they are sold!

Happy Friday

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Finished needle felted fairy mobile

Hi all here are the pictures of the finished fairy mobile I've been making! I am glad it is finished, the customer is happy will send it off soon, on Saturday is my first craft market so will be busy, tomorrow I'm getting my hair done.

Happy Thursday

Sunday, November 24, 2013

needle felted miniature teddy bear Spirit

hi all had a good day today, busy bee around here I made this little guy for my craft market stall which is this coming Saturday!!! I hope I don't get washed out as its forecasted for rain however anything can happen in a week.

Here is a little white teddy bear I've named Spirit.

he's approx two inches tall and five way thread jointed, so he can pose I can create custom bears just like Spirit or in other colors. He has been needle felted firmly out of Finnish wool roving. A rare english sheep breed.

Happy Sunday

Saturday, November 23, 2013

needle felted fairy mobile

Hi all I've nearly finished that fairy mobile for the customer

I just have to add a couple of lady bugs and butterflies, work out the hanging bit and send her off to her new home, mind you posting will be another story all together never sent something so big! 

Happy Sunday

Thursday, November 21, 2013

needle felted Christmas wreath and baby guinea pigs

Hi all today I was very busy as I made a last minute gift for my friend Jude who I'm visiting tomorrow as shes adopting two of our baby boy guinea pigs we bred earlier through the month. I made her a Christmas wreath and here it is

 I'll be making some more of these for the market and here are the pics of the baby boy guinea pigs!
one is a smooth coat he's the one with orange the other is like his dad who is a texel so he is very curly

Happy Friday!

Spring needle felted wreath

Hi all I am showing you a work in progress pic tonight of the wreath I'm making for the fairies to hang from! here it is.

as I said work in progress but its coming together!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

needle felted gnome doll

Hello all on this Thursday morning, I have the fourth fairy doll made for the fairy mobile! am excited cause I'll finish the fifth fairy doll tonight and will start on construction which will be interesting! 

Then through the week I'll be working on a belated Halloween swap gift and will be working on market items as my first market is coming up in a weeks time! 

hugs to all

Sunday, November 17, 2013

needle felted fairies

so I'm busy creating fairies at the moment for a mobile a customer has commissioned me to make! The fairies are coming! making fairies today for the fairy mobile worked out how I'm going to hang it so hopefully I can find what I need at the craft shop tomorrow!

this last colorful one is one I made today! they are fun to make, just sent pics off to customer hopefully she likes them. 

Happy Monday

needle felted old fashioned looking miniature bear

Hi all yay the sun continues to shine (well not now its the suns bedtime lol) but I've been creating made this little oldfashioned teddy bear yesterday and finished him today he's approx 3 inches tall, available on my etsy shop or my face book page

he's five way thread jointed, has black glass eyes and is just lovely don't you think? I'm currently making a bear like this in red and another one in a girlie color (I can do custom orders)

Happy Sunday

Saturday, November 16, 2013

needle felted Christmas dog

So I have been getting busy for the Christmas market! I've got at least 60 items to sell on my half of the stall so I think that's pretty impressive (even if I do say so myself lol) here's what I made last night a wee Christmas hound doggie!

I do hope you like him! also got a bear in progress at the moment he's looking cute.

Hugs to all

Friday, November 15, 2013

Spring needle felted miniature fairy

Hello all and popping in with yet another fairy I made today, found her fluttering about my garden! finally the sun is shining again after a week of rain!

She would be darling for a doll house display, nature table, miniature collector, hanging ornament or fairy lover in general! I will be making more of these.

Hugs Happy Saturday

wombat and fairy doll

Hi all finally the weather is clearing and its showing the sun! I've been busy made another wombat due to wombat customer not happy with original wombat color

Hopefully she will come back to me with good news and likes this fella! the next item I made was a test run fairy doll for a mobile I'm making for another customer

I had to do a test run to work out how to make them! I might make some for a market I am doing on the 30th of November should be good leading up to Christmas.

Happy Saturday

waldorf needle felted fairy

Hi all on this wet dreary night in Melbourne, here is a test fairy I made for the customer who wants a fairy whimsical mobile for her baby niece.

These are indoor phoots so she'd look much more at home in the garden heehee hope you are all well


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Needle felted miniature forest critters fox and wombat

These are my latest customs that will be going to live in their new home in Qld/Australia on Friday! I made the wombat last night and the fox a little while ago both were snapped up by the same customer in my etsy store. Dreary wet day today perfect for staying indoors but school this afternoon and then my best friend is coming around fro dinner cooking her lasagne tonight.

Hugs Happy Wednesday