Monday, October 31, 2011

Needle felted stork bird ooak

This is my latest the iconic stork, I've created a baby needlefelted version as I was inspired whilst watching an English documentory and they were raising storks in their shelter for wildlife. I think they are adorable.

This needlefelted stork is felted over craft wire so he can gently pose. He's one of my bigger felties stretched out he can be about 9 inches when posed or bent he can be about six inches long.

I hope you like him

needlefelted rabbit

Meet fluffy bunny he's an adorable cute litte bunny made from merino and corriedale wool roving. I needle felted him today whilst I was at my other halfs parents place (I take a bag of needle felting supplies with me where possible hshs)

I also have a pic to show you our latest addition to our Bird house lol two baby Zebra finches. We actually brought these the other day a lot of 18 of them and when the guy caught them he found these two fledglings with dad ain't they cute?

Even though finches like these are as common as anything for some reason people are wanting them again. It's hardish to find decent zebra finches and I've always had a soft spot for them.

I hope everyones had a great Halloween weekend

Friday, October 28, 2011

mixed media

Two posts today lol these are my creative endevors the first is an embroidered and felted picture made for a swap I'm in, she's luckily not a follower of my blog lol but anyways this is a mixed media picture. I'll be sending it next week with a few other goodies so I hope she likes it.

This next little guy and I do mean little! is a blue bird of happiness he's not even an inch round.

Halloween costume

This is me dressing up for a Halloween thing on a website I'm a member on lol I'm meant to be a Princess/Fairy type thing without wings (didn't know how to make wings lol) but I made the crown by rolling up some velvet and wrapping it with fancy colorful yarn and it really does suit it.

The crocheted necklace is made by me, and I just wrapped different material around me sarong style. I'm not going out anywhere in it haha but over all I had fun

Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

my color square beginner crochet project

Nothing really that interesting today other than its another lovely Spring day. Today I'm showing you my first attempt at joining colors. In crochet that is lol I made this square. I love these colors together looks rather summery and beachy I think. Note to self pick of grass before taking pics! haha.

It's not perfect by any means but as some of you may know I'm a beginner so do keep that in mind! lol I can see its wonky and the tension isn't fab but its something.

I've also taken a pic of this rose I keep admiring it as I walk by to the aviaries and the rabbits isn't it pretty?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Christmas bears needlefelted

These are my latest I'm calling them Festive and party bears for the Holiday season aren't they cute? I've embroidered little details on them. The little pooch is just something I made on a whim and I've called her Rose. They are all looking for a home! available in my Etsy store.

The blue Bear wearing the hat is actually going to a friend in a swap I'm in. I'm making custom ordered bears so these are examples of what I can make. I rather like the style of them.

Other news is the baby birds seem to be doing well. Hopefully they'll keep doing well you can never be sure until they fledge.

Happy Tuesday

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pineapple green cheek conures our babies

We are currently proud bird grandparents to three baby Pineapple green cheek conure chicks! they hatched through last week and seem to be doing really well. The parents are first timers at this and their brood doesn't seem to be daunting to them at all. Mum seems to be doing all the right things and dads in the box feeding her when he's meant to be so all is well.

Here's dad Pineapple green cheek conure he's a handsome and proud looking fellow.

Now here's mum and her babies though she is rather shy so she hid in the back. One baby only hatched out on Sunday a few days after the other two so its much smaller.We're wondering if the fourth egg will hatch as it was laid much later than the other three.

wish our babies luck that they keep thriving and growing!
Happy Monday

Crocheted necklace

This weekend has been lovely. Yesterday my other halfs mother and I went to a craft market. Three rooms of craft to look at and admire. I brought a crocheted cushion, handtowels that have been crocheted onto. An embroidered picture with frame. Knitted little toys, and a few little things too I'll post pics of them when I can. We had afternoon tea of coffee and cake and then stuck around to watch the raffle drawing and I won a prize! I won a $50 voucher to spend at the coles meyer group which was so exciting so I'd won my money back haha.

Today on the drive to the beach with my other half and his mother as it is his birthday we had fish and chips on the beach and I crocheted this necklace I think its rather cool I freeformed it I believe that's the correct term.

The weather was so lovely today, I even got a bit sunburnt on the drive home.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

latest needefelted bear ooak

Meet JayBlue my latest needlefelted bear. He's not even three inches but full of vibrant color. He can be gently posed and has been made out of corriedale and merino wool roving.

I took advantage of lovely weather today and washed our bed linen love the scent of fresh sunscented bedsheets!

JayBlue is available in my Etsy shop

Happy Wednesday

Friday, October 14, 2011

Needle felted rough coated collie

This is a needlefelted rough coated collie or more commonly known as a Lassi dog. I've made her because a lady who was really nice to us and gave us two big aviaries plus other accessories and seed to complete strangers. So this is what I've made to say thank you. She's always kept Collies.

Here's an update on Wildy our black cat. He's doing really well has settled into life here and is an indoor outdoor cat. He comes in of a night and roams the yard by day.

He's standing on top of one of the rabbits cages. He looks rather happy with himself lol.

On a bizarre note I've lost a big pack of toilet paper. How does one lose a pack of 35? I know I brought it. I know I also brought it inside. However I can't find it! strange.

Custom needlefelted pet portrait

So this is a new style I've learned from a kit its a lovely way of needlefelting now I know how to do this kinda style I'm going to do pet portraits. Am offering custom pet portraits on Etsy.

I'm about to start dinner so am leaving this post short tonight

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

needlefelted badger

This is continuing my English woodland animal theme a cute little badger

I'm thinking if I can get up the motivation to create a needlefelted tutorial on how to make a badger like this

I think they are rather sweet what do you think? what other English animal should I create next?

Christmas reindeer and hedgehog needlefelted

These two are what I felted last night, again in front of the tele my favorite place to create critters. First is a needlefelted reindeer perfect for Christmas or a nature table.

The next is a needlefelted hedgehog I was watcing a program about them and thought how cute are they! I wish we had them in Australia but sadly we don't.

I'm rather taken by English woodland animals at the moment they are so endearlingly cute. These two are both available in my Etsy shop

Sunday, October 9, 2011

handmade bear and lovebird

A day at home today catching up on house work and looking after the animals as my other half and his brother pick up things that they need. This is my latest needlefelted bear and cute purpe love bird.

Must get more shots of these my camera batteries died mid shoot lol well I'm off to feed the rabbits whilst there's a break in the rain.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

plush turtle needlefelted

This little turtle loves rainy days he has saphire blue eyes and has a mixture of merino roving with silk roving. He's small and cute.

He's available for adoption in my Etsy shop! if you love turtles you'll adore this one.

Hope everyones had a lovely weekend yesterday we went to swap some birds and ours were four green cheek conures. We love conures. We swapped our Turq parrots for them as they weren't breeding in our aviaries. So we're hoping to add more to our conure collection.

Today we're seeing a friend of ours who's very smart and in the know with birds and animals. I love talking with him.

I'm still recovering from this chest infection its pluerisy so its quite painful at times but I think I am getting a bit better.

until next time