Saturday, June 19, 2010

Winter Queen

gosh the people on the internet is so kind and generous! I'm on and I made a post about how my depression has been affecting my work as of late. Not just needle felting but sewing as well. Normally I'm happy to show off even the most basic of standards of things but this whole month I've been feeling shy and awkward about showing anything off. I'll create something and then I'll be like no its not good enough.

I'm probably classed about an intermediate in needle felting as I've been doing it since around Christmas now. I've got the handle of most things such as shape and form but details is the thing that gets me. Anyways I digress. The felting forum everyone rallied for me saying not to worry and be kind to yourself. I've taken that on board! and not only that a friend of mine offered to send over some wool of hers as she keeps goats.

Kay Petal also let me view her pups online class! and I'm keeping that special for when I've had my operation on Friday the 25th so I've got something to look forward to when I can barely walk. Nothing serious just something that needs to be taken out of my foot.

Anyways today I woke up to find I'd won something from Kay's blog giveaway! I'd made a post about it awhile ago I'm so excited to have entered now as I was mainly doing it to share the link around. I won a set of her super duper felting needles which I'll also keep for special projects.

Now to show off my latest work, work you say? you've done something you mean? yush yush I have! here she is really inspired for the Winter solstice.

Winter Queen

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