Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wet felting book review How we felt

How we felt is an excellent book full of fantastic and crisp photos that make you want to look at them again and again. It's not however a true book for beginners I feel as you really need to know what good felt is otherwise you can make some expensive mistakes in creating a large unwearable bit of felt that turns out stringy, soggy and very sad. I learned from experience here! I suggest get this book if you have some experience or know what the end result looks and FEELS like.

I did a workshop recently and I really got a hands on learning experience from a well known teacher. I was so thankful after that lesson because I really feel that I can attempt the larger projects in this book without too much error.

This is a great reference book and quite affordable at under $30 AUD
I got this from Angus and Robertson (Australian book store)

There are truly versatile projects in this book, from boots, slippers, bags, hats, and more. Something for everyone. Just really do your research first. It's really a book that makes you want to be as learned as these contributors. I flick through these pages and just dream away but know I still need to start small until I get to my dream project in this magical read.

I rate this book a four out of five
it gives fantastic instructions, but not a real step by step for beginners on techniques. The list of things required is great and the intro is also helpful but
I would really think a true beginner would muddle through even a basic project in this book.

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