Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a little rae of sunshine...

My swap partner sent me her gifts and I recieved them yesterday which
was lovely as I woke up yesterday with a horrible headcold and today Im still
feeling terrible but the chocolate which Rae put in has given me a lovely
sugar high haha.

I feel very spoilt she made me a lovely felted flower brooch in teal and orange my
faovrite colors. A super facewash that's been appliqued with a litte orange
chick and matching orange hangtag.

An adorable journal decorated for Easter.
Chocolate of course which has now been scoffed,
and there was actually even a packet of Fox's biscuits which were
devine I shared with my other half and his brother. I also gave one
of the cream eggs to my other halfs mum so I'm not a total greedy
piglet tee hee.

Rae knows I have a black cat and included a little memo pad with black cat
on it. There is also a fox ring which I have to take a better close up pic and will
tomorrow after some rest as Im feeling all blagh now after moving.

So a huge thanks to Rae I do have to say Im sorry to her as my package to her wont get to her before Easter but better late than never??

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  1. I'm so glad you like them :-) I had great fun with this swap

    not to worry about not getting mine to me before Easter...it means I still have it to look forward to when I go back to boring old work :)