Saturday, September 10, 2011

needle felting and crochet

It feels like I've been really busy this weekend I've crocheted my first scarf! its actually a mini scarf at the moment I kinda didn't use a pattern and made it wide instead of long lol. But I still really like it. It's warm and can be folded over for extra warmth. It fits nicely under my jacket.

as you can see there are mistakes, I've forgot stitches, added stitches, lossed stitches and everything else in between but it was fun to do. I loved the colorway of the wool too lilac, mint, baby pink and black. An acrylic yarn I brought from one of the dollar stores near us.

Along with crochet I've been felting this guy Jensen the mouse he's a lover of flowers as you can see! I've crafted him over craft wire so he can bend and hold things in his tail and arms.

He's about six inches tall so is one of my bigger felties. He's made out of merino wool roving and alpaca wool roving.

He's available in my Etsy shoppe

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