Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cat Calls

My other half is going through a stressy time at the moment so I ordered a custom watercolor painting from CatCalls on etsy. Patty is a really charmingly funny and talented artist. She's captured Wildy and one of my other halfs favorite birds a lutino lovebird. A very affordable price of $10:00 I cannot give praise enough for her lovely work. One day I'll also buy a plushie and maybe a skirt that she makes. Her shop is cat themed for cat lovers.
Find her on Etsy. Cannot wait to get this very cute artwork, whats more its not a print these watercolors are one of a kind. thanks Patty!


  1. OH! You are a dear! I wish it was not so cloudy-icky here so the photo could have been better, but thank you so much! I hope it makes the other half smile!

  2. Absolutely charming. I love it.