Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bears, needle felting and more oh my

Been quite the busy week Monday started off with sadness as I had a funeral to attend to but it was lovely catching up with relatives at the wake. I have been busy on the home front looking after my fur and feathered kids and also creating. Been making little bears for family and friends.
available in my etsy shop as a custom order! these are approx three or two inches tall depending how big I make them, you can order pretty much any color pattern I have a lot of wool! This next one I made yesterday we had a home day recovering I find after a big day out I'm tired, drained and achey, so spent the day looking after the animals and creating. This bunny was a whimsical and fun thing to make.
Also finished off the custom order I had on etsy from a lovely lady, who wanted me to create Falkor from the never ending story! I thought what an exciting custom order to make and told her so.
I also have a new facebook page! finally caught up with the times realized a lot of felters are doing it so dived in https://www.facebook.com/feltinganimals is my new page please like and share would be appreciated. Happy Wednesday

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