Thursday, December 13, 2012

new pigs on the block

Look mum I'm being cute eating my fave veg carrot! This is Tara our pineapple green cheek conure whom we hand raised, she is just over a year now.
These two lovely girls are our newest members of our family! today went to the pet shop under the guise of looking at pet accessories (other half should really know better by now then to let me browse a pet shop at all! lol) and I found out that the short haired crested piggie was abandoned at the shop in a cardboard box on the 35degree c day last week! I was shocked how could anyone do that on such a hot day let alone abandoning an animal at all? our first thoughts were they were going on holidays as that's what people seem to do this time of year. (Abandoning animals before going on holidays at Christmas I mean not just abandoning them) with rant over I talked to the girl about the pigs and decided to take her home. She is possibly pregnant so that will be exciting.
This big gal is named Hippie, short for Hippo I like calling her the fat Hippie haha and the long haired piggie is called Buntie! she's a shebayak cross and is lovely
I was originally only getting the big gal Hippie but fell in love with the long coat plus I got a discount from the shop because she wanted them to go to a good home. So this is my Christmas present to myself, other half said no more pigs for now we have enough haha Happy Friday

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  1. They're adorable! Thanks for saving them! How many piggies do you have now? I still only have one, Rufus. He poops so much that he's enough for me to care for. :-) xo Jennifer