Monday, May 6, 2013

Pure bred Texel guinea pig

So this week has been somewhat busy! On Sunday we went to the Cavy council show and I got my first ever purebred guinea pig with papers! he's a pure bred Texel and he's lovely. We've named him Tucker. He's approx four months old and he is a lemon agouti with cream. and other than that I found my perfect shade of red for my hair that I've been lusting after for years and never had the courage to try it, until now! first time I tried it, the roots were too dark so I had to bleach out the roots and re color. In between this I've actually been unwell with the flue, still quite chesty, but resting and keeping warm. This weekend we're going to the Bendigo Bird sale with a friend of ours. Why are all my friends male? lol. I am working on a needle felted fox so never fear I haven't given that away haha. Will show him soon. hugs Happy Monday

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