Saturday, November 6, 2010

Owl Plush Toy

So I'm a reader of Felt me up design as their birds are very cute and when I read that
they were going to be featured in Sew hip magazine I had to grab a copy but I had to buy a backissue from ebay but I finally got it and here are my results so far from it as I'm still finishing the rest of the mobile.

I also taught my fiancee to needle felt today which is funny he's always liked what I've shown him but he's never shown interest in wanting to learn how it works but he tried today and made changes to my owl I'll show you the examples
my fiancee hard at work he's quite shy with photos lol

my example

Here is my finished owl with my fiancee's work done to it, he added more white on its chest, added eye brows and changed the shape of the nose. I didn't have craft wire so used pipe cleaners instead which worked just as well I think. I also changed the spots on his belly and for my first attempt at these owls I'm very happy!

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