Saturday, October 8, 2011

plush turtle needlefelted

This little turtle loves rainy days he has saphire blue eyes and has a mixture of merino roving with silk roving. He's small and cute.

He's available for adoption in my Etsy shop! if you love turtles you'll adore this one.

Hope everyones had a lovely weekend yesterday we went to swap some birds and ours were four green cheek conures. We love conures. We swapped our Turq parrots for them as they weren't breeding in our aviaries. So we're hoping to add more to our conure collection.

Today we're seeing a friend of ours who's very smart and in the know with birds and animals. I love talking with him.

I'm still recovering from this chest infection its pluerisy so its quite painful at times but I think I am getting a bit better.

until next time

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