Wednesday, February 15, 2012

needle felted beaver

This is my latest a chubby little needle felted Beaver. I created him the other day had to wait until this morning to take decent pics of him.

I'm not listing on Etsy much at all now I've decided not to as I'm just not selling, not getting many views either so I'll be listing things here and if people want to purchase they can contact me. I just think I'm not enjoying the Etsy process anymore. Its just too competative. I've had more sales in real life so I'm happy with that.

In other news Wildy has his freedom again with his wound being healed. I let him out without the cone the other day he seems to be doing ok. I've got the cone at least in case he starts scratching again.

The special birds I was mentioning the other day didn't happen as planned turned out to be way out of our budget as the wrong price had been quoted to us.

But my other halfs brother managed to catch a canary that had escaped from someones home. He's been recovering in a holding cage and we'll see what we'll do with him. He's a yellow one unsure if he's an actual male yet no singing but maybe after he settles he might if he is indeed a male.

Today I'm readying Crocheted throws and wraps by Melody Griffiths and am trying to decide on a project to start.

Happy Thursday

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  1. He is so cute!!

    I tried Etsy & Folksy but can't be faffed, it's all so much hard work! I do sell the odd thing to friends at work but mainly I make stuff as gifts for friends or just for fun

    I do have a Facebook page for my feltng and another for bangles that I sell to raise money for the MND charity