Monday, February 13, 2012

needle felted puppy love

Ready for Valentines day? I'm knowing what I'm getting already haha we have it on layby though its a Bunnikins figurine. We're not really doing anything special other than probably eating some nice food and spending some time together which is nice as date nights.

This however is my latest a needle felted little puppy, I've named him Tango

he's available in my etsy shop.
I've been feeling uninspired lately I don't know if I'm putting too much pressure on myself to be creating cute nice looking animals but anything I'm working on I just don't like (except Tango otherwise I'd not show him haha) but I've just been having a big case of the blahs I think.

I think its to do with my monthly wont go into too much detail of course but most know I have terrible issues with it. Pmdd and what not. I'll ride it out hopefully my mojo will return. I normally love needle felting when I'm like this as it takes the frustration out, I tried crocheting but I haven't got the focus at the moment for that.

But my other half and I are looking at getting some special birds this week I'm trying not to be excited about it until it happens I'll let you know after tomorrow
For now Happy Valentines day for tomorrow

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  1. I love Tango, he's very cute. :) I get the needle felting blah moments too, just keep trying, it'll pass eventually. :) Enjoy your valentines day!