Monday, February 6, 2012

needle felted Spring Lamb

thank you all for the well wishes in my last post I'm actually feeling a lot better today still tired but not achey and I slept a lot better last night. I'm annoyed with the post office they have lost a parcel >> I have to fill in a great big complaints form before they'll even investigate. So frustrating could be a handmade custom guinea pig earrings and neclace I'd ordered from Etsy or a couple of Crochet books I'd ordered from the book depository online (I get most of my craft books there free postage!! lol)

anyways enough grumblings my latest is a needle felted lamb tried taking some pics this morning turned out rubbish but am happy with these.

I had to cheer myself up after the postal office fiasco and brought myself Febs issue of Crochet world I'm limiting myself on mags at the moment however I flipped througb the projects and omg they all call out to be done. I've never had that happen with a magazine where all projects I like. I'm looking at creating the Victorian Sweetheart pillow first which is devine.

Happy Tuesday

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  1. what a gorgeous little lamb... I love that you used fleece from a sheep to create a lamb! but then again, I am EASILY amused...

    haven't yet tried needle felting - it's on my TO DO list, so maybe one day I'll get there