Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Needle felted pets Blythe Pullip Bjd miniature dolls

Hi all how are we on this Wednesday night? well its Wednesday night for me, posting this before heading to bed. I had a quick photo shoot with my new doll! she arrived today along with her friend that I purchased and some doll furniture that I purchased off of ebay, I was disappointed with some of the furniture as it had broken mid transit but I can only really blame the postal service for rough handling there I guess plus the furniture is vintage. But I digress, I'm really getting into this whole doll world as you can see, I'm hoping to either get a doll hous (not a crappy plastic one) or have a doll house shelf thing made that can hang on the wall. I need it light enough to take down so I can take it outside to do photoshoots in good lighting. But this is my first shoot with Elwyn I've named her that as I adore old fashioned names, I named my Tiny Betsy doll Mary after the character in Downton Abbey the tv show I fell in love with. I think I'm going to name my full sized blythe doll after a Phyllipa Gregory character as she's my all time favorite author. So now for the fun stuff pics! mini critters of course
This is Princess she's a white little kitty with yellow eyes, approx two inches and loves sitting in that armchair.
This is Oinks the flying piggy I know highly original name haha, well I could have called her Piggie but I didn't. These two are listed on my esty store however I can created custom Blythe pets, Pullip pets, Bjd pets and more please message me hugs

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  1. Hi WhingingNinja! Nice to find your blog--thank you so much for introducing yourself! Really cute pics. I love the combination of dolls, miniatures, and cute critters. I'm looking forward to meeting more of your characters and seeing the dollhouse you find. xo Jennifer