Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a birds tale

I had an interesting day out today went to a local walk and did a 5km walk to the falls. I took photos These lovely birds are male Australian native King Parrots
me with rosellas
A baby rosella mid flight, it flew off my hand just as I took the snap
a lovely rosella eating from my hand, now I don't condone feeding wild animals of any sort because it does make them reliant on getting human brought food however I did partake today so I am guilty of this but I think if its done responsibly and not too often it should be fine.
this is what was called the falls, though its more an over run creek in my books, I think you'd have to have a good imagination to call it a water fall but its still pretty and I can imagine fae folk living in the tree ferns and mossy houses and so on. Now am at home recovering having a coffee and putting my poor tired feet up.

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