Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The lake

We went on another hike today and this time we went around a rather large lake, on the way we saw much wildlife including kangaroos, different birds and this particular bird who we dubbed as Mr Goose, he's a stray goose from a farm somewhere that is nearby he seemed lonely to me.
it wasn't a great day to go out hiking I can tell you! it was blustery, cold and in some parts wet. But we still did our hour hike.
Excuse my rather stupid expression I hate being caught off guard in photos haha
Yesterday this little guy hatched, he's a diamond dove he's so cute and the group leader on our walk today said she wanted to cook up Mr Goose, I told Mr Goose to make a run for it lol
haven't been doing too much crafting lately, not sure why but will catch up with craftiness soon. Hugs


  1. Excellent post -- and you look FINE in the photo! Loved seeing the new dove, and how great you are hiking like you are, it is so good for you :)

  2. Oh that little one is just a tiny fluff! Such a fragile little thing. It truly is amazing they make it so often. I sure hope this is one of those!
    Very pretty walk. Are those mountains or sand dunes in the distance? I know nothing of Australia geography! Look out Mr. Goose! Thanksgiving is coming!