Monday, February 27, 2012

Neede felted scrappy dog

meet Scraps he is a very cute dog I made last night using left over wool roving from other projects. Today has been persistant with raining and its quite refreshing after the heat we've had over the weekend. Hope you all have a great Tuesday

Just found out in the needlefeting yahoo group I belong to my bunny made it to the home page

Saturday, February 25, 2012

adorable crochet doll and pixie doll patterns

Ive been wanting to make cute dolls for awhile and came across this seller on Etsy CrochetEverAfter
Crochet Designs by Deja Jetmir

I brought three of her patterns, the cute Pixie doll, the make it yours her doll and the dress to go with the doll.




I fell in love with these patterns and the pixie doll is a no sew construction all in one doll. We'll see how that turns out.

The pics belong to the seller of course but I just wanted to share my latest purchases, its been much to hot in Melbourne to do much crafting, we're in a heatwave at the moment so I've been shopping instead haha.

Happy Sunday

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

needle felted plush bunny Hopper

This cute little guy is called Hopper hes a lovely tan color with rust accents and comes with a carrot. Hes going to be entered into the craft show so at the moment I think I have six ready lol.

I cant decide what crochet project I want to start! Im so unable to make my mind up its been driving me nuts. I have crochet magazines, books and still Im like ooh I like that, I like that and so on haha. Well see what I come up with.
Happy Thursday

Friday, February 17, 2012

Needle felted Tiger cub

I finally have my needle felting mojo back! I worked out it was a change in my meds earlier last week and I was having really bad insomnia because of it and was jumpy too so now its fixed I'm felting again.

This is going to be entered into the craft show have to have all entries ready on the 1st of March.

I'm hoping to be entering six pieces.

I've got four ready and am either going to choose two out of my stash or if inspiration strikes make two.

Happy Saturday

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

needle felted beaver

This is my latest a chubby little needle felted Beaver. I created him the other day had to wait until this morning to take decent pics of him.

I'm not listing on Etsy much at all now I've decided not to as I'm just not selling, not getting many views either so I'll be listing things here and if people want to purchase they can contact me. I just think I'm not enjoying the Etsy process anymore. Its just too competative. I've had more sales in real life so I'm happy with that.

In other news Wildy has his freedom again with his wound being healed. I let him out without the cone the other day he seems to be doing ok. I've got the cone at least in case he starts scratching again.

The special birds I was mentioning the other day didn't happen as planned turned out to be way out of our budget as the wrong price had been quoted to us.

But my other halfs brother managed to catch a canary that had escaped from someones home. He's been recovering in a holding cage and we'll see what we'll do with him. He's a yellow one unsure if he's an actual male yet no singing but maybe after he settles he might if he is indeed a male.

Today I'm readying Crocheted throws and wraps by Melody Griffiths and am trying to decide on a project to start.

Happy Thursday

Monday, February 13, 2012

needle felted puppy love

Ready for Valentines day? I'm knowing what I'm getting already haha we have it on layby though its a Bunnikins figurine. We're not really doing anything special other than probably eating some nice food and spending some time together which is nice as date nights.

This however is my latest a needle felted little puppy, I've named him Tango

he's available in my etsy shop.
I've been feeling uninspired lately I don't know if I'm putting too much pressure on myself to be creating cute nice looking animals but anything I'm working on I just don't like (except Tango otherwise I'd not show him haha) but I've just been having a big case of the blahs I think.

I think its to do with my monthly wont go into too much detail of course but most know I have terrible issues with it. Pmdd and what not. I'll ride it out hopefully my mojo will return. I normally love needle felting when I'm like this as it takes the frustration out, I tried crocheting but I haven't got the focus at the moment for that.

But my other half and I are looking at getting some special birds this week I'm trying not to be excited about it until it happens I'll let you know after tomorrow
For now Happy Valentines day for tomorrow

Thursday, February 9, 2012

needle felted teddy bear Cocoa

This is my latest bear named Cocoa he's able to pose and bend due to wire armature and he's one of my larger sculptures. I'm intending to enter him in the up coming Knox Arts and craft show that I entered last year.

He's approx nine inches tall and has lovely toffee colored eyes and cream beige muzzle and paw pads. If he sells before the craft show I'd be happy to send him to his new show I'll just have to make another one.

I was sneaky today and took these photos in my next door neighbors garden. The house is up for rent and is empty but I still felt guilty being there haha. But Cocoa seemed to have enjoyed his outing with me.

Happy Friday

Monday, February 6, 2012

needle felted Spring Lamb

thank you all for the well wishes in my last post I'm actually feeling a lot better today still tired but not achey and I slept a lot better last night. I'm annoyed with the post office they have lost a parcel >> I have to fill in a great big complaints form before they'll even investigate. So frustrating could be a handmade custom guinea pig earrings and neclace I'd ordered from Etsy or a couple of Crochet books I'd ordered from the book depository online (I get most of my craft books there free postage!! lol)

anyways enough grumblings my latest is a needle felted lamb tried taking some pics this morning turned out rubbish but am happy with these.

I had to cheer myself up after the postal office fiasco and brought myself Febs issue of Crochet world I'm limiting myself on mags at the moment however I flipped througb the projects and omg they all call out to be done. I've never had that happen with a magazine where all projects I like. I'm looking at creating the Victorian Sweetheart pillow first which is devine.

Happy Tuesday

needle felted Squirrel

Hello all this is my latest I have finished awhile ago actually sometime last week just haven't felt like showing him off. I've come down with a virus whilst its not terrible yet I still feel dreadful achey, temperatures and blah. Hopefully it'll go away without getting worse.

The last two nights I barely slept due to temperatures, today I've been sweaty but feeling hot and cold at the same time. I blame the stupid weather we're having yesterday was hot in the morning and then by afternoon had cooled down with a thunderstorm.
But this is my red heart squirrel ready for Valentines day in my etsy store now

Happy Monday

Friday, February 3, 2012

Love and Peas give away

The lovely Jenny from Love and peas is having a give away of one of her embroidery hoop arts. can be found here not long until closing for this one.