Friday, March 29, 2013

needle felted spotty dog

we had a really quiet good Friday yesterday, spent the day at home and then for dinner we went to my other halfs parents place. We had cod, veggies and cheese sauce it was very tastey though my other half had fish fingers cause he doesn't like cod haha. But my tummy sure was happy. It's lovely being cooked for isn't it? now I'm returning the favor by having his mum over for lunch today. I made this little pup yesterday a needle felted fluppy (crossed between fluffy and puppy) haha he's made out of merino and alpaca wool roving, I've been buying up more wool roving this week too! I had a sale in my etsy store so it gave me some funds to play with haha. Not that I actually neeeeeeeed more wool I just love buying it!!! wool addict anyone? the baby guinea pigs and their mother are all doing well!! they are so adorably cute. I'll try and make a video of them soon. Happy Easter all

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