Sunday, March 17, 2013

needle felted miniature brown poodle puppy waldorf dog natural toy

Hello all well Fall/Autumn has finally arrived and with it, its crispness and woody scent, rain and good comfort food! tonight we had red wine and beef cassarole cooked in our slow cooker (of course) and my needle felting you ask? well I've needle felted this miniature poodle! made out of chocolate wool roving and I've used miniature glass seed beads for her eyes! isn't she an adorable puppy with her puppy smile? in other news today we picked up a rescue Princess cross superb parrot who we've renamed Sam as his original owners called him Buster which we didn't think suited him very much. I also played at being a hairdresser after watching some youtube videos and cut my bangs! also known as fringe in Australian English haha. I quite like how it turned out too as I learned to thin it out and give myself some layers which saved me an expensive trip to the hairdresser, more money to buy wool with I reckon. I'm now off to do some English homework for class tomorrow!! Happy Sunday

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