Saturday, October 9, 2010

New selling site Zibbet and something is lost

I've found another place like etsy called and I hope to make it my new selling home on the web as I find Etsy just too big.

But anyways I'm rather down this week and haven't been doing a lot, nothing has been coming together how I want it to and its just annoying me so I've been taking a break.

In another note
I've lost one of my needle felted items! T_T Its made me really frustrated and sad at myself. I think I've put him in the bin by accident so now I have to go rummaging to find out. If I find it I'll clean it up and post a photo of him as he's really really cute. I looked every where for him last night but just couldn't find him. That's what happens when we're under renovations at home

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