Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh how sweet it is to love chocolate

I was so happy with how these photos turned out lol I don't normally take photos of food but these chocolates were a gift from my younger brother as my birthday is on Wednesday. Anyways the long and the short of it is these chocolates were too cute not to take photos of! I'm going to use them in reference to make needle felted chocolates out of how cute would that be?!

the flavors are
Creme Brulee
French Almond Torte
Vanilla Ice Cream and Toffee Cup
Strawberry Pavlova
Lemon and Lime Parfait

my favorite was the French Almond Torte but I liked all of them! The brand of
these chocolates are called Lilly o'Brian Desserts Collection. Obviously this is not a review or whatever I'm just so pleased I was able to try these... I normally don't go for these fancy looking things because I always fear their too pretty to destroy just for the sake of eating chocolate.

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