Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Featured artists/sellers I have bought from

So its been a slow week I've let my fiancee's brother borrow my camera for a bit so I think I get it back on Friday. So that's why there isn't any pics of my felties but I have been busy creating things for Easter gifts and what not. My pass it forward post hasn't been going so well so I'm going to do three in real life gifts and hope to show photos of their reactions.

These are some lovely things I've bought off Etsy recently, I've been getting to know some fellow etsy sellers and its been fun! I'm also in a needle felting team on etsy so its been great seeing others work.


I just bought this lot of four ounce wool to try I can't wait to get it
as it looks scrummy.
Hollichsmir I'm waiting on this book/kit to arrive from Germany and I can't wait! I love felting books and this was such great value. The book comes with English instructions, kit and the book itself
AsherJasper and I've bought four oz of natural, brown and gray and beige
hues from her in a sample pack to try so I can't wait for that to arrive.

and then from Ebay I'm waiting on from ForestFibers
some brilliant looking flesh tone wool
these are of course all their own photos. I'm just using them for showing off sake.
is also the latest treasury I got into so yay my needle felted doll and cat.


  1. Some really lovely colours of rovings in the top picture. Where did you get it from please? I have done a search for dyingforcolor but couldn't find anything [it's prob just me :-) ].
    I look forward to seeing what you make from it all.
    A x

  2. Hi A this is the direct link to the store for the top wool I bought ^^

  3. Gorgeous fibres and your book looks interesting. Your little parcel went in the post on Saturday!!

  4. yay! I hope to create three gifts for people in my life as surprises. I just don't seem to be getting many traffic concerning my pass it on give away! lol

  5. Oooh, such pretty colours! I bet you'll have great fun with all of those! Can't wait to see what you make. :)