Sunday, February 13, 2011

a very good weekend

I've had a really good weekend this weekend Saturday I caught up with a new girlfriend and we saw The Kings Speech and gosh it was a fantastic movie. If you look at what its about you'd think it would be boring but really its a very touching and funny movie without being over the top.

But this is not what the post is about haha I finally have one lady whom I'm sending out a pass it forward gift to. So I'm excited she's only just started felting and she told me my blog inspired her to start so I was very chuffed. I have only been felting for about a year now and know I'm getting better I just wish my photos would too!

anyways I've felted these little critters over the weekend
a little Eskimo girl

and a little gnome I call him Wise old Earth gnome.

On Saturday I also bought a book when we were at the book store, I couldn't resist!
I bought Simple Softies all the projects are designed for children and adults to make so how can I go wrong with that! lol I do hope to show some projects form that soon as well.

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