Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Henny Penny

I am a proud grandma! well to baby chicks that is haha my fiancee loves Quail and we have a pair of King Quail, anyways one thing led to another as it does and this is the first pic of not even day old chicks. You can see the broken eggs scattered around them and mother Quail being protective. I've called her Henny as she was very broody like a hen. I'll try and take another photo when she's off the nest again. My fiancee got an egg out yesterday to see if it was still viable and we heard a clicking noise coming from it! so we knew it was only a matter of hours before they hatched.

About 2am five of them hatched, not sure how many we have but we'll try and count soon!


  1. Dying of cuteness overload here! :) I cannot believe how tiny she is!!

  2. OMG look how tiny she is! Soooo cute! I want one!