Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I actually won something!

wow I can't believe it I won over at Gerry's website a little contest that she was holding. She asked for our best tips to help others needle felting. And I won! this is what I'm winning. I've chosen some of her core wool however as I recently bought some of this fiber from her ^^ its great but I wanted to try something different

I also won the red and yellow felting needles I've used them in the past too! they are super comfy and from Felt alive so I love them. Also which will be new to me these Hello kitty noses. I think they are so cute!

This is my winning tip
My tip is place your animal, creation, anything 3d related to a picture drawn to scale. Draw it in black marker, make sure you are as correct with the shape as possible. This helps when filling out the body, legs, head, facial features. You don’t have to draw the details on the drawing just the correct shape so you can place the felted item onto it to see how you are going.

I suggested it because I've struggled in the past with making limbs comparable but this has helped a lot.

Gerry's website is this
of course these photos are from Gerry's website I did not take them myself.

so what a highlight to my week! I'm also expecting other little packages in the mail so I'll certainly be making friends with the postie!

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