Thursday, May 12, 2011

Needle felted cat and rooster

Today and yesterday has been pouring with rain and very cold! we're only about half way through Autumn but we're already feeling winter seeping in. A good excuse to stay rugged up and needle felt I reckon haha so anyways this is what I've been doing, a needle felted white tiger kitty and a rooster. I quite like their styles. Not too comical but whimsy and fun still.

They will both be available on my Esty shop with the sale still continuing!

and this little sketch is of a design I'm working on for a mobile challenge I'm involved in with the needle felting team on Etsy. I don't always sketch out my ideas as most of the time I can work from images or thoughts and ideas within my imagination but this one needed working out.

The colors are still being worked on I can't decide between muted and subtle or bold and bright. However the stripes in the butterfly wings will have three different colors blended with the stripes indicating where the colors will change.

I hope it'll be a modern yet whimsy mobile hanging.

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