Tuesday, May 3, 2011

needle felted fantasy tree with squirrel and more

This is a tree sculpture that I've been working on, I rather like how its come out. He is really large. He's felted over craft wire so each branch can be posed in a different way. It comes complete with a gray squirrel, owl and a secret nest with two little eggs in it. His needle felted face gives the tree character. I seem to be getting larger and larger with my felting projects of late, annoyingly I've had to rest as I've hurt my elbow, yesterday I pulled its joint somewhat and its really hurts to bend. I was helping my other half at the time with an aviary we are building. But I'm sure with rest and care I'll be back felting in no time. I've listed this tree on my esty shop.


  1. Really glad you like my poem. It has really helped at times when I've need that bit of confidence to do what I know is the right thing to do.
    Hope it helps you too.
    A x

  2. You have had fun felting that tree!