Friday, May 13, 2011

Purple crown lorikeets Australian native birds and our flock

These are some pics of the birds we keep
Purple Crown Lorikeets they are dadda and baby we did have the mum to the group but she recently passed away which was tragic. These two are now inside and are pets so they are lavished and cherrished especially now as its almost winter and being little birds they wouldn't like the cold.

Cheeky boy looks a bit scruffy at the momemnt but we've been told by our bird vet this is normal and will hopefully molt out in due time. They are such characters for such little birds. Cheeky boy is already attatched to me.

Jimmy is a Quaker parrot, I'm rather attatched to this species in particular as Nessie my first ever pet parrot is a Quaker parrot. At the moment though she lives with my other halfs parents.

Jimmy is only attatched to me, he hates males. And will attack visciously if any male goes near him. But with me as you can see he's a darling boy and will even lay on his back happily for a tummy scratch.

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