Monday, November 5, 2012

Prima dolly arrived Blythe excited

Well I have to say I'm beyond excited my first Blythe girl arrived this week, she's a prima dolly blythe with so cute lilac colored hair. She was a bargain on ebay, she is second hand and does have a couple of flaws such as her eyes wont actually change colors but I've read most likely it can be fixed its a common prob thats over looked sometimes by people adding in sleepy eyes. So for the time being her eyes are stuck on orange lol I've read it can either be the pull string isn't catching on the teeth of the cog (I'm not a hundred percent sure on that term there) or it can be the eye mach was put in the wrong way again, one day when I'm feeling brave enough I'm gonna get my other half to open her up and have a look as he's very good at fixing things.
The seller was great to communicate with, and even put in some extra clothing for her, I am happy as ever with this cute girl. She has a different brand scalp can't remember what it is currently lol. But she's still adorable. I'm still in the process of getting to know her and naming her, any old fashioned name suggestions would be appreciated! I adore old fashioned names. Here she is sitting with my little dal doll Elwyn
and here she is with some felties
these three felties are available in my etsy store, so please help me name my girl! hugs and happy Tuesday


  1. Jess - she is adorable! I love the hair color especially. Hopefully, Ash can fix her eyes, but if not, they look great as they are :)

  2. How exciting! I see "Victoria" when I look at her. I'll look forward to hearing more about her in the near future. xo Jennifer

  3. She is beautiful and looks so cute with your felties! I am NO GOOD at naming lol The PJ team had to help me name my doll. I went with Rosa Fair... Hope someone can come up with a name as pretty as she is :)