Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love will make you write silly things!

another shot of inspiration for writing wewt lol

dunno if its any good but still have to work on it

It was inspired as my oh and I had an argument this weekend and we did make up
but it was just a silly argument where I'm being hormonal and tense (pms issues) and he's just being him.

we let it fester
took it down brick by brick
and then hurled them at each other
its a thing called love

something untimely
that makes you feel ungainly
and then you fall to the ground
its a thing called love

whether its romantic
whether your a cynic
it'll catch you and makes you feel quite sick
its a thing called love

as time goes by
you forget to say hi or bye
you know they'll still be there
its a thing called love

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