Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A whale of a time

I've been busy wet felting and needle felting as I got a really good book yesterday I made this whale plush out of instructions from said book. The instructions were really to make fish shaped felt cushions but I wanted a whale toy instead haha. I can't remember the name of the book off hand but I'll make a post about it later. He's made from merino wool that I've dyed myself so he's a real personal piece I feel,
he's great to cuddle.

This wool was given to me by a lovely lady and I'm going to learn how to wash it, card it and make it into wool roving or bats. I'm still needing to get my hands on some carders but I'm picking up some wire dog brushes over the weekend as I've read they work the same.

Sadly its an unknown breed but for my own personal use it'll be great for the learning purpose of it.

Now this is Rascal the needle felted rabbit I've been working on isn't he a character?


  1. Hi Jess, I use a pair of dog brushes (metal flicker brushes) for doing my wool for needle felting and they work great. They are also good for blending colours too. You have to be patient but they do work. Love the bunny and the whale! Keep going! Viv (from Fun_2_Felt)

  2. Thanks Viv! yeah I read somewhere about the dog brushes just gotta find the right type our local shops don't seem to have them gah! but the washed wool turned out well for my first time, nothing of it felted.