Friday, September 3, 2010

Time to fly waldorf styled ornament

Title To Fly
Dimensions The hanging bit of the ornament is about 6 inches long the butterfly itself is about three inches wide and probably about two or so inches tall at a guess
Techniques & Materials Used wet felting and needle felting and a little sewing and threading it together There is also a white button to join the ends together not sure
if you can see that too well. I made the beads the "sushi" way with uncarded fleece that's in its natural color and used different blues as well in merino roving. The Butterfly was wet felted but joined together by needle felting, the middle of it is needle felted as were the spots. I used merino silks blend and corriedale crossed merino.

The element I was thinking for this was Air

Date Created 03/09/2010

Artists Name WhingingNinja or Jess
excuse my dressing gown you can see but I took the photos this morning
I'm getting ready to go to the dentist as I'm getting my wisdom teeth so I doubt I'd have time this week to get them done otherwise. The photos I mean, also to explain this posting format I copied and pasted from the felting forum I'm on, they do monthly challenges and this was my entry.


  1. Hope your dentist appointment went okay! Love the little butterfly! I have seen a lot of Waldorf inspired stuff recently, and I am thinking of maybe doing something too!

    About the pumpkin crochet along - if you type in 'single crochet' or whatever into Youtube, there are some really good video tutorials. That's how I learnt to crochet!