Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bumble bee teargnome

This is a little tear gnome I made for my Great Aunt who's turning 80 next week, he's a bumble bee themed Tear gnome and the tear is obviously in its tear drop shape. I wet felted the little bumble bee mat its sitting on. I hope she likes it. He's needle felted in merino roving.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dubbo the christmas bear

Going To

Getting Ready

Being Santa climbing the chimney


This is Santa bear I made him from merino roving and his clothing is from commercial felt and needle felted trim of alpaca roving. He's able to be posed and I took these story photos of him so I hope you like him. He's the first critter I've done using bear eyes instead of felted eyes.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love will make you write silly things!

another shot of inspiration for writing wewt lol

dunno if its any good but still have to work on it

It was inspired as my oh and I had an argument this weekend and we did make up
but it was just a silly argument where I'm being hormonal and tense (pms issues) and he's just being him.

we let it fester
took it down brick by brick
and then hurled them at each other
its a thing called love

something untimely
that makes you feel ungainly
and then you fall to the ground
its a thing called love

whether its romantic
whether your a cynic
it'll catch you and makes you feel quite sick
its a thing called love

as time goes by
you forget to say hi or bye
you know they'll still be there
its a thing called love

Friday, September 24, 2010


meet Raccoon he's a cheeky guy and flat felted not my usual 3d felted things so he's a little different as I have a potential idea brewing but I wont share it just yet until I think it out more. But he's made from natural shades of alpaca wool as well as commercially dyed merino roving. Sadly we don't have these in Australia but I very much wish we did I think their adorable.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Grubbie the grub worm

What the heck is this you ask? This is Grubbie... he's a garden grub who's eaten too much and looks sleepy. His face is needle felted and his body is wet felted over a resist and then stuffed. I needle felted his rings over him to give him a more bubble like shape.

I used merino wool for him but the colored purple/blue wool for his body took AGES to felt so I think it must have been that super fine merino I've heard about cause it really did take ages. I had to roll and roll and to make sure it was well felted I chucked it in the washing machine. He actually reminds me of a toy I used to have as a kid called a glow worm.

Friday, September 17, 2010

gnome girl

This is gnome girl she's made from merino wool roving and is very cute I'm thinking of making these into ornaments for Christmas tree's. She stands at about 12 cm and I could see her in other colors too lol

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blue Bear!

This is a little needle felted bear I created a couple of days ago ^^ been feeling cute and cuddly with my inspiration so I created Blue. I called him blue cause he's red and us Aussies like to joke about "rangers" aka Red heads or people with red hair lol are called blue. I have no idea why its just what it is! anyways he's about 12cm high and is made from merino wool that I died myself.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

s is for sheep and Spring!

This is a little sheep wreath I have done for my sewing friend Kaylee, her daughter is turning 1 on Saturday so I thought this would be a cute whimsical addition to her nursery.

Its made from natural sheep fleece that I washed and cleaned, and merino bats for their color. Its strung on acrylic yarn that I had left over and its just a cute little whimsy thing I think is adorable.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

crochet day!

This is me at the country women's association in my local suburb on a crochet and knitting workshop day where beginners could have someone teach you for a couple of hours.

I thought it was lovely! there were younger women as well as some as old as 96! its a great group and I'll be joining and attending the craft groups every month on the Monday. Sarah the blonde girl in the photo was very patient with me and I've just about mastered how to do a magic loop, and continue on with the round for the amigurumi I want to learn!

in the last half hour they brought out tea and coffee and home made cakes and yummies which was delightful.

You can see my look of concentration! I'm like I want to learn, I want to learn, I want to learn lol

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A whale of a time

I've been busy wet felting and needle felting as I got a really good book yesterday I made this whale plush out of instructions from said book. The instructions were really to make fish shaped felt cushions but I wanted a whale toy instead haha. I can't remember the name of the book off hand but I'll make a post about it later. He's made from merino wool that I've dyed myself so he's a real personal piece I feel,
he's great to cuddle.

This wool was given to me by a lovely lady and I'm going to learn how to wash it, card it and make it into wool roving or bats. I'm still needing to get my hands on some carders but I'm picking up some wire dog brushes over the weekend as I've read they work the same.

Sadly its an unknown breed but for my own personal use it'll be great for the learning purpose of it.

Now this is Rascal the needle felted rabbit I've been working on isn't he a character?

Monday, September 6, 2010

New banner

Well I've had a little break from doing too many crafty things today but I can't wait tonight I'm picking up some fleece I've been offered. I love fleece, I'm still not sure what type it is but its uncarded I do believe so it'll be a process of learning and washing and cleaning. Which is what I'm wanting to learn.

Anyways this post is about our new banner, I created it this morning, the word Indigo is actually my rabbits name hence the little doodle of the bunny. His nick name is Indy I'll get photos of him soon cause he's a super cute mini lop.

So let me know whatcha think of the new banner. I'll be playing around with the blog design too at some stage when I get motivated.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ino the pixie


Meet Ino I pronounce his name like I know or eeno either way haha he's a doll I made with help from Kay Petal's felt alive doll dvd's. Today was such a wet and horrid day it was perfect to snuggle up and needle felt all day long so I did! he took about 5 hours to make and he's still not quite finished I need to work on the shading a little more.

as a side note to those that asked my wisdom teeth were taken out yesterday and I'm fine. Just tired, it wasn't nearly as bad as what I thought it was going to be and
the surgeon was lovely. I have to go back in two weeks to get the other side taken
out as he wanted to only take two out at once. I don't think I'll be as worried
next time.

I'm also booked into Elizabeth's Armstrong's wet felting class on the 25th
of September so I'm so excited to be doing that. It's a three hour class
and she seems really nice as far as I can tell by her blog and emails ^^

will let you know more later anyways hope you guys like Ino

He's a lounging pixie because of the rain I can't take pretty photos of him sitting in our flower beds or somewhere nicer than our lounge!
Sleeping yes this special pixie sleeps with his eyes open haha

Friday, September 3, 2010

Time to fly waldorf styled ornament

Title To Fly
Dimensions The hanging bit of the ornament is about 6 inches long the butterfly itself is about three inches wide and probably about two or so inches tall at a guess
Techniques & Materials Used wet felting and needle felting and a little sewing and threading it together There is also a white button to join the ends together not sure
if you can see that too well. I made the beads the "sushi" way with uncarded fleece that's in its natural color and used different blues as well in merino roving. The Butterfly was wet felted but joined together by needle felting, the middle of it is needle felted as were the spots. I used merino silks blend and corriedale crossed merino.

The element I was thinking for this was Air

Date Created 03/09/2010

Artists Name WhingingNinja or Jess
excuse my dressing gown you can see but I took the photos this morning
I'm getting ready to go to the dentist as I'm getting my wisdom teeth so I doubt I'd have time this week to get them done otherwise. The photos I mean, also to explain this posting format I copied and pasted from the felting forum I'm on, they do monthly challenges and this was my entry.