Sunday, March 6, 2011

One of those mornings

Today has not been a great start to the day, I'll pre warn if you are not good with blood look away from the pics! mind you its only stains on the carpet really and my cut lip lol

But this morning I climbed out of bed, happy with the fact I'd organized my wool last night. In a metal storage thing anyways I had a dizzy spell as I have low blood pressure and fell, I hit my face against said metal storage cabinet and ended up with a blood nose and two fat lips. As you can see the swelling has gone down luckily, I'm just glad I didn't break or loose a tooth or anything worse.

This is the carpet after the blood nose as I ran to get tissues

This is my cut and sore lips

so much for me trying to be organized! obviously being organized is not my thing haha I am feeling better now though, just sore. I am seeing my doc this afternoon to get my blood pressure checked out as I haven't had an episode like that for awhile.

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